Make or Break Next Two Weeks

With the TiCats locked into back-to-back games with Toronto & our other East Division rivals playing out of division, a lot of ground can be made up or lost over the next two weekends.

Ideally, we take both from Toronto putting us at 10 points with the Argos remaining at 8 points. Hopefully BC manages to take all 4 points from Montreal in their home & home series keeping them at 10 points. Meanwhile Saskatchewan gets their act together & sweeps the Banjo Bowl keeping the Bombers in the basement of the East with 4 points.

It's absolutely crucial & critical that the TiCats to pull together & get on a mini hot streak over the next 10 days. With a little luck & help from our western friends we could find ourself atop the Eastern Division as we have all hoped & expected!

You've allowed this famous phrase from the Argos' theme song to creep into your hopes and dreams for the Ti-Cats. Is this a Freudian slip?

Very good point! I should amend my original post with; "... The TiCats COME together ..."

Now time to gargle and get that bad taste out of my mouth!

If there was ever a time for the mods to act and censor, the appearance of those two words "p___ t_______" on this Ti-Cat site has got to be it. Remove them now and leave the blew team to pull themselves.

While I agree that the back to back T.O. games are significant games, it may be difficult to scratch out both as wins.
Especially if Washington and Reinders permit Ray plenty of protection to pick apart our secondary.

I'll be ecstatic if we win both, and content if we take one.

It is not inconceivable that the Cats could go 7-3 the rest of the season to end up 10-8

A lovely dream that didn't last through the first of the eight games which had to go your way, for it to come true, FenderGuy69.
Had it happened, it probably would have been a CFL first -- sweeps in all four Labour Week series -- as I believe history shows that, more often than not, back-to-back games involving the same teams result in a split The Montreal victory just makes the rest of your dream more important for the Cats. Hope you didn't and, even now, won't bet the mortgage.

I never bet with my heart, only with my head and even then I rarely ever bet.

It was a fanciful dream I know. Main thing is for the TiCats to do what they have to do - win their games - and hope for a little luck from others!