Make me an offer for Printers / Dickenson

Okay you arm chair GM's. I'm playing Wally Buono today. One of my Q.B's has got to go. I really need some Linemen but I'm open for all offers.

Who do you want, and what are you offering me?

And no Saskargo, I don’t want your 1st born as a draft pick!..LOL

.....I think the QB. that's going is.... try his luck in the NFL....BUT I'd give you the rights to Bobo.... straight up for Printers....a great big offensive lineman...actually a pretty good ballplayer....but the Bombers had trouble re-signing him... so he sat this year.....seems his agent is no other than .....oh yeah Medlock.....the same guy who represents Casey....on second thought I don't know if we could get a deal done...the agent involved is a little loose in the loafers....and besides you'd have to deal with Taman...........forget it... :lol: :lol:

Plus you forgot one thing...If its a good player, Taman WON'T sign him.

I will give you Nealon Greene, Andrew Greene, and the entire Roghrider cheerleading Team, plus Davin Bush or Kenton Kieth.

For Printers

ha ha ha ha Calgary has only two players that have not signed Lysak bin there done the Taman thing and Juhaz!

if printers DOES get signed by the NFL, then is he a free agent for the CFL, or do the Lions still hold his rights?

I believe I heard somewhere this is that option year where a player can try the NFL but if he comes back is retained by the team that owns that option.

Good question. Don't know how those legal things work. It may be similar the way Edmonton goty Ricky Ray back.

Radio reported that Printers agent phoned Buono today to try to make a deal. I was under the Impression that Printers had NFL in his eyes! According to the CKNW Radio, the agent commented that Printers wants to stay in Vancouver for 3 more years to get some playing experience.


Not the answer you want.BC needs 2 QB,s like all teams. Look at mon,tor,sask cal, if thierQB goes down,no back up.Why is eskes always thier, 2 QB,s. Just check out all good QB,s Edmonton has had the last 20 years. AMAZING! However if i had to make a trade. Trade Dave for another QB like, sayJoesph,Mass. Printers may not be long for BC.

If Printers went to the NFL for his option year and came back to the CFL after being released, his rights would belong to BC. Its the same thing that happened to Ray this year.

i thought there was a bidding war for ray, which edmonton won?

his bio, on eskimos webite, says he signed as a FREE AGENT may 16th 2005.

That's what I thought too .
Printers rights do revert back to the Lions for one more year should his NFL bid fail though . no matter what, another team has to TRADE for his rights?

Sorry I made a mistake, had Ray returned last year(2004) when he was still in his option we would have had his rights. However, when he returned this year, his contract had run out with Edmonton(including his option), then there was a bidding war which we won.

Actually, I have a different take on this.

Keep BOTH Dickenson and Printers, but for crissakes, get rid of that overrated moron coach Buono, undoubtedly the worst coach in the league.

Buono blew the Grey Cup last year by a) starting Dickenson against all reason, b) keeping Dickenson in when the situation was begging for Printers to get a shot, and then, c) punting on 3rd and 6 with 90 seconds left in the game and trailing by 8 points.

This year, Buono failed to right a sinking ship after starting out 11-0, and again, stuck with Dickenson MUCH too long yesterday.


Well he has done that a lot even when he was in Clagary. He just surrounds himself with good assistants. I think the problem late in the season is the OC Chapdeline. I am just wondering who is the worst between him and Lancaster Jr.

you cant keep BOTH DD and Printers...its one or the other.

if theres a CAP next year at 3.8 million...u cant AFFORD BOTH!...( unless you sacrifice good talent )

I'd take Casey Printers and build the most kick __s offence we've seen in years. And add offensive linemen who don't stand still while defenders blow by them like scud missles with Quarterback written on them.

The Casey and Buck show with guest star Jarious Jackson. Not a bad way to start training camp. Oh yeah and a field goal kicker.

Does anyone really beleive Maas will stay and hold a clipboard for another season? If he does then he must have special feelings for Ray he's not telling us. Unless of course Maciocha is the sparkle of his eye.

Ill trade MCallum, Keith, Greene and Rob Lazeo and a case of prob dont need keith But they way the Lions treated Warren as a RB you dont need him either :slight_smile:

Mcallum gets to go back to BC and can Punt & placekick so no need for Omissy or McClockkin. Hence opening up another spot.

Greene is a great backup cheerleader in case one of your Bunnies goes down :slight_smile:

Lazeo is the Kicker in this deal...He is a starter with any other team (and should have replaced thomas) and better than half you current O linemen..I hate to give him up but you have to give to recieve.
I hate Pilsner so I am not giving up alot there :slight_smile:

Ok heres a question back at ya Sporty...Lets just say you can only trade Printers to Sask..who would YOU trade for??