" Make It ... or Break It " game for Giguere ??

With Stala back and Fantuz close to returning (one would think & hope), I would think this may be a " make it … or break it " game for Sam Giguere.

I can’t see this going on much longer … given his play last year, and seeing little or no improvement over the first four games this season.

I've been saying that he should be back-up not a starter since last year,outside of the 65 yarder vs WNP. what has he really done to warrant a starting role ? The way this guy was hyped up before signing here IMO he's been a big bust,all muscle and no brain.Just a shorter version of Bauman...remember him? another high draft bust,that never panned out for us.I'm not saying cut him loose,just let him ride the pine,and use him in certain sets out of the slot position inside,not as a wideout.

I understand some of the frustration with Mssr. Giguere. I myself thought he'd have a break-out season in 2013, which hasn't transpired as yet.

I think a lot of it has to do with expectations coming in, the fact that he tried the NFL before ultimately reporting to Hamilton, and I honestly think some of it comes from the fact that he's from Quebec.

But let's put things into perspective ... 25 players had over 1000 yards (combined yards) last season. Sam was one of them. He was 24th in combined yards with 1044. There were only 2 fellow Non-Imports ahead of him. (Andrew Harris & John Cornish). There was one other rookie ahead of him. (Chris Matthews) There were 7 other NI's ahead of him in receiving yards. None of which were in their first CFL season.

All in all ... not too bad of a rookie campaign for a Canadian receiver/player.

Again, I realize Samuel hasn't played up to expectations and we all want to see more. But as much of that has to do with our expectations as it does his performance.

Sam was hailed as the messiah. Fast, muscular, a good receiver. We expected that he would deliver. Yes he had over 1000 all purpose yards due to utilizing him on kickoffs. With his speed we expected great things, maybe a few kickoff returns for TD’s, a deep threat and many touchdowns. He had one.

What I saw is a guy that dropped many passes, avoided any contact like the plague and a guy that only showed us average speed. That was our disappointment. Couple that with the fact the guy had the ego to think he could even play in the NFL and made us wait for his return to the CFL. He is lucky he is on the team and quite rightly I believe is way way over rated.

Wowza ... that's a little harsh don't you think? Some scouts and GM's and player personnel people in and around the NFL show interest and invite him to camps and keep him on practice rosters and pay him and its all about HIS ego?!?! He wasn't just hanging around in the parking lot @ The Hoosier Dome hoping someone noticed him!?!?

Believe me ... Sam does not have a big ego. He's as down to earth as they come.

Your post and obvious distaste for him underscores my post. There was no way Sam could live up to expectations.

Bottom line ... of course he could be better. He even admits it. But his first year in the league is far from being a "bust".

The unfortunate deal with Giguere is the amount of hype that preceded his arrival in Hamilton. The guy was a 1st round draft pick and then spent several years hanging around NFL practice rosters. The amount of threads and discussion in this forum anticipating Giguere's arrival was starting to get ridiculous. We kept hearing about his blazing speed, conditioning, physique, that he's practising with Eli Manning, etc., etc.

As a result fan expectation is high but he hasn't exactly panned out so far. Sometimes you only hear his name mentioned once or twice a game. Often he looks uninterested or lackadaisical. The guy is chiselled like the Incredible Hulk but when he finally does make a play, the 1st hand that touches him brings him down. You would think this guy could carry 3 DBs on his back while amassing huge YAC gains.

I'm rooting for him to come around and become a valuable non-import receiver like Fantuz but only time will tell how or if he develops.

100% Correct! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Never mind the unfair expectations and the log wait for him to return to Canada, SG's contributions to the team have been minimal. He's paid too much to be a back-up. He's got to be a more productive first stringer. I'm actually surprised at how lousy he's been. He's had a few years of NFL coaching plus a full year in the CFL with a record setting QB throwing the ball. If this is all he's got, it isn't nearly enough.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'd say he had a pretty good game tonight.

Yes, I thought he played a pretty good game too, but they have to find a way to make better use of his speed.

Judging by how often Hank throws him the ball its obvious they dont get along. Giguere hasn't played poorly at all and i would argue that he's made the most of the chances he's been given. Even since being moved into the slot his targets are barely up. He catches the majority of balls thrown his way and very rarely drops a catchable ball.

I think Cats' fans' expectations of players has been lowered by years of inept teams. Is this really the player that fans eagerly awaited for three years? Didn't you expect more than what he's delivered so far. In many ways, he's the perfect TiCat. He looks the part, he sounds the part, he performs at an average level with the odd hint of more, never seems to be able to get it together.

When I think standout Canadian receivers, I think of guys like Jason Claremont, Ben Cahoon, even the old Andy Fantuz.

An Argo-Cat fan

He's just starting his second year in the league and he's 14th in receiving with the same stats as Getzlaf and he's the third or fourth target. Giguere isn't the problem. Terrible Defense, Bad Oline and no running back are the main problems.

He doesn't move to to the ball and he can't evade tacklers. We are desperate for help on both lines and at running back. I say trade Giguere now while he still has some value.

Love this line "..he performs at an average level with the odd hint of more"

Unless the ball is coming to giguire he doesnt try at all out there.....just jogs his routes...we watched him all night and it was the same .....trade him asap,we have better receivers than him!

Agree. And I think there is still upside. But does anyone know his contract length? I couldn't find it but somehow thought he was in his option year. If so, and an extension cannot be worked out, then a trade would seem likely.

He was?

Can't recall ever reading or hearing that.

3 years. His option year is 2014.

Giguere should not be a starting receiver based on lack of effort and compete level alone IMO. He does not battle defenders for passes, runs routes like a robot, and has no inclination to battle for YAC yards.
Last night, Ti-Cats second down and 13, Burris throws about a 10 yard pass to Giguere near the sideline. Giguere catches the ball because it's thrown directly at him and then meekly allows the defender to force him out of bounds three yards short of a first down forcing a punt. Giguere nonchalantly trots off the field after the catch as if to say "Not my problem - I did my job."
He plays like he HAS to be here, not like he WANTS to be here. I'll repeat from a previous post... if Giguere were an import, he would not last another 24 hours with this team IMO.

At the game I was at he certainly didn't have a good game. Several passes thrown his way saw him not even look for the ball headed his way. Highly over rated player. He needs to have the desire to be here r he will never o anything!