Make it 7 Rally on Cable 14!

Cable 14 has the make it 7 rally on TV right now.

Can't really tell how many people are down there. It doesn't look like more than 2,000.

Lots of people in Leafs jerseys. I have seen one Flutie jersey.

CHCH news is also showing shots as well.

I think they were hoping for a lot more people than this.

Why didn't they do this on a Saturday?

Just saw a Rodriguez jersey and the Tiger Cat cheerleaders just led an Oski Wee Wee.

There goes an Osbaldiston and Radlein jersey.

Someone holding a asking if it is too late to save the Bulldogs.

Red Green wearing a Tigers jersey.

im not sure why they did this on a friday afternoon? Id love too be there but im at work like most people, also most kids are in school...

I do hope they get a good turnout though.

I can't help it... but I love it. :smiley:

Reports say they had about 3,000 people. It honestly didn't look like that many.

From what I saw, it didn't look like a very good rally. Hardly anyone had signs. (the should have made signs up and given them out for the people to hold up for the cameras) Looked like there were a few Leaf fans in the audience.

Still don't understand why they had it on a Friday.

They should have done it a Gage Park in the Bandshell and got a good band to play for free for a couple hours. All they had was 2 garage bands. 1 sang the "theme" song and the other played a couple covers.

Would have liked to see Jim Balsille himself there. For a guy who wants this so bad, he seems to want to hide behind his spokemen/advisors.

With the ruling that just came out earlier this week I think it was dumb to go ahead with this rally. Hamilton is not close to getting a hockey team. Balsille still has a lot of work to do.

Same with the Nashville situation (putting tix on sale) I think he is getting too far ahead of himself.

Absolutely hilarious!!!! I think that this might happen before we see a team here in Hamilton!

Hey folks...from being there, I would have thought there were 5,000 there. Gotta figure if not, it's more than the 3,500 they're stating.

Tha would beat the three Coyote fans standing outside the courthouse every day in Baum-y June. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

sportsnet said it was hundreds, that must have made Gary wet his pants in fear

yeah, I'm getting kind of irritated with the headlines in the Toronto papers...I would say absolute minimum 3,500 were is that 'Hundreds'?

I mean, c'mon...if I owed someone $3,500, I doubt they complain that I owe 'hundreds' of dollars?!?!

(Edit...I guess they should say the Copps upgrades will be 'thousands of dollars'! LOL!)

We stopped by on lunch and there were quite a few people there. I'd agree with the 3,500.

3500 seemed about right to me from what I saw at the event. I was afraid it would be embarrassing, it wasn't . It wasn't overwelming either

Keep it 6!

Why? If not Hamilton then London or Kitchener plus Quebec and maybe even Winnipeg but for goodness sake remove the 4 teams from life support in southern cities that have consistantly shown they cannot support the NHL nad put them in viable markets


There was a nice turnout and good enthusiasm at the rally today.

Here is the link to a collage of video and photos of the rally presented on the Hamilton Spectator website this afternoon:

Headlines on Yahoo said "hundreds" attended the rally. It did look like hundreds on the video

Even if there were 100,000 it wouldn't make any difference. It won't influence Bettman or the NHL.

It not going to happen anyways .. The NHL only wants to open the bidding to People willing keep the Team in AZ. That Means we won't get it .. Also if they do open the Bidding the NHL can basic Revoke the Coyites Charter membership

As long as Jim from Rim won't play ball the right way forget a Team in The Hammer
Support the Bulldogs as they may move to St Johns cause that only pro Hockey will have
Also Support Our Ticats..

I thought they were saying 5,000-15,000 they were hoping for. Better than anything in Phonenix though, that's for sure. Horrible timing, it's summer and hockey is over now, people aren't into it now. Not that it matters, Hamilton is not getting an NHL franchise IMHO, just isn't going to happen. Good on JB to try but he should stick with computer stuff or buy a team in the States.

It looked to me like some of the attendees didnt want an NHL team in Hamilton, instead favoring the Bulldogs.