Make it 3 points for deliberate (Kicker) Conceded Safeties.

I am sick and tired of teams doing this, especially when often it is to no benefit. I would like to see a study to show the outcomes of each time teams do this. Many times I still see teams getting at least a field goal, meaning they now gave up 5 pts instead of 3. Why don't the team trust their defence to stop them?

They still do it after the recent rule change, so i think the only option is to make it 3 points charged against the team that does this purposely. I would say that they only apply the rule to kickers, but then i bet u would see some teams line up with the QB to concede the safety. So, I say if at any time the safety is given up on purpose, it should be 3 pts for the defence. Then they would never do this, and be forced to kick.

The other thing i don't understand is when the kicker does this, why do they sometimes run around for a while, wasting time? Whose time are they wasting? Sometimes its early in the game and there is no indication who is going to win the game, so why would u run around pointlessly, to kill time?

no. this is the CFL, you don’t like it? tough.

It's part of the game and I enjoy the stategy of giving up the safety and then having to kick off at the 25 ! The team conceeding the safety is really in tough ! The receiving team will be scrimmaging at center field !

Ridiculous argument. I love the CFL and anyone who knows me will tell you. I always defend the CFL to the naysayers, so don't try to shrug me off as such.

It is a terrible strategy in my opinion, and has nothing to do with whether or not "this is the CFL".

I do not agree with giving the opposing team any points unless they have truly earned it. WHo knows what happens on the next possession after the kick? Maybe the returner fumbles, maybe the QB throws a pick, maybe the defence sacks the QB a couple times. Why would you just concede that the offence is going to automatically get at least a fieldgoal?

Most the time I see the teams do this, it does not work out, so how can you say you like this strategy?

Just watch from now on, how successful this is. If the other team gets just a fieldgoal, it was a failed strategy.

So it just proves my point. They team that concedes the safety is really in tough, so why concede? Just punt and trust the defence to stop them. Like i said, I would like to see some official stats on this choice of play, and see how many times it actually pays off.

No issue here and no reason to change the rule. As with the single though worse, the team is electing to give up two points for the right to punt/free kick it from merely the 25 yard line or for the other team often to just take the ball at their 35 yard line with said team having at least those two options.

Should you change this rule for sake of the kicking game, one starts getting into changing other rules too and no need they are all fine or good enough considering even perhaps a few more of us who don't like singles for kicks going straight out of bounds (uncatchable with no chance at return most of the time) in the goal area/end zone.

The CFL rules overall including for the kicking game are better than the NFL rules overall IMHO for a greater free-flowing football game though some of the NFL rules have their finer points too.

Depends on the score,what Quarter, wind and how your punter is kicking !

I understand the strategy in certain conditions, such as really strong wind and kicking from very deep in the endzone, but I think it is done too frequently when these types of conditions are not present.

I am obviously not in the minority of wanting this to change, since they already tried implementing a rule change to limit this strategy.

It's fine the way it is now and have not heard any complaints from teams, media and most fans ! If you have seen a article or a press release saying different, please share ?

They DID earn it by keeping your offense from moving the ball out from the shadow of your own goal post.

I suggested this and pushed for it quite aggressively 2 years ago... the consensus amongst fans is that changing the scoring system is heresy even though the sport came to be though these very changes.

The problem with rule making in football seems to be that each issue is looked at with tunnel vision. Concede a safety? What to do? Ah... move the kickoff back, thus setting up a new special case kickoff condition, thus further complicating the game as a whole...

What happens when you have a 3 point safety?

You commit the result of the game to the outcome of the battle between offence and defence and not the strategic decision to have the least athletic player on the team prance around the end zone before stepping out of bounds. Instead of deliberately conceding 2 points, making a 3 point safety forces the punt and forces the pinned team to try their chances with conceding a TD, field goal or winning back possession through a turnover.

I'd take that over the strategic decision to run around the endzone with your punter. It would also make every safety earned in the context of the football play and not because a team is weighing between giving up a guaranteed 2 and a possible 0, 1, 3 or 6.

Every drive involves giving up a possible 0, 1, 3 or 6 why add conceded points when you can make the sport about fighting for every point?

The next issue to address is the rouge and making it count only on returnable kicks to make it a real earned point.

They moved the kick off back 10 yards, they didn't change the point structure ! Which is a good thing ! Why fix something that is not broken ? Not one coach or player has complained or too many fans !

i feel that only fans who aren't true CFL fans and only fairweather fans are the ones who call for ridiculous ideas like this.

same fans that suggest moving the goalposts back, removing the single point, stopping unlimited motion, and so on..

I agree, they should just ask the CFL to change it's name to NFL 2 !

Yes baffling how they are still doing it! and every time they dont concede singles the play by play guys are all over the returner, Until they break one then they are great :roll:
Stronger rules to keep coaches from giving up points are needed i agree :thup:

This is just ignorance on the part of both of you. Just because you love a sport, does not mean it is perfect. There are always ways to improve. And I challenge you to question my love or knowledge of the CFL. You would think that someone with Roy Dewalt as a username is not a fair weather fan. Or do you even know who that is?

There are times when one needs to look at themselves objectively to see if there are improvements that can be made. If you look at yourself in the mirror and say "I am perfect" you are sadly mistaken.

My sentiments exactly! There are not many other rules I dislike, and contrary to what some here think, I prefer the CFL over the NFL, and am not trying to change the league into that league. However, while I like the rule of giving the single point on missed kicks that are conceded in the endzone (for the purpose of encouraging a return) I agree that if the kick is not returnable, for example if it sales through the back of the endzone on a missed fieldgoal, then the awarded single point is not necessary. I’ll go further and say that if you are missing a fieldgoal that is so close that you kick it through the endzone, you definitely do not deserve a single point. I think it is long overdue to change the single points for only when the returner does not run the ball out of the endzone.


I too love the CFL and have a ridiculous wealth of trivial knowledge about the league. I prefer the aesthetic of Canadian football over the aesthetic of American football by leaps and bounds.

It is actually amazing how differently I react to watching two very similar sports.

Having said that, there are things I'd change about Canadian football. If anyone knows anything about the histories of gridiron football they know the sports were born out of a progressive evolution from primitive forms of rugby football.

While the game has reached a more static form in recent decades, refining the sport to account for modern athleticism, competitive integrity and entertainment value is important to consider.

Safeties are things the CFL has looked at and while I think there are better things that could be done with it, (like the 3 point safety) I'm happy that someone had the balls to address the issue at all.

A tweak of the rouge is the next thing to look at...

I am opposed to anything that removes strategy from the game.

you can't go and change a scoring method just because there are a few too many safeties. You cannot go and make radical changes like making a safety 3 points instead of two for special occasions.

it just doesn't work that way.. it's like making a change in the NHL like making a goal worth two goals if they score it from outside the red line.. they'd never allow it and would laugh you all the way out onto the streets into the poor house after.