Make Greene starter in BC

I just want to see my favorite QB in action before our season ends. :frowning:

What happened to all the rider fans who were praising Crandell when he was on his winning streak?

Gonna get flamed for saying this, but I think I still trust Crandell more than Greene.....

I misunderstood that headline , I thought it meant make Greene the starter for BC . I thought it was a bad joke or something . :lol:

Its not about who is quarteback, it is about gameplan. Calgary, like any other smart team, figured out the Riders high school playbook. When you only run the ball 10 times in one game, and then don't throw the deep ball to spread out the defence once in the second half untill your down, teams are going to stop you. The Riders have beat themselves the past two weeks by taking out the running game. They are not playing to win, they are playing not to loose. In the CFL with it being a high scoreing league you cannot do that.

Crandell has done a good job with the Riders since replacing Greene. I do have one knock on Crandell and Green. Maybe it's just me but do you ever notice both QBs have a problem throwing balls over 15 yds. They're both good ball control QBs but can't stretch the defence. Kind of makes it hard to come back in a game when 5-7yard passes is all you've got.

No idea but Greene was, is, and will always be my favorite QB here in Sask.

Greene sucks

Can you name another QB who got us at least an 11-7 record in the last ten years or so?

I can't name any one single QB that got us a 11-7 record period. Greene didn't do it. If I remember correctly, I believe Glenn came in on at least 2 and maybe 3 of those games and come back and won it. And I think that was the year Rocky won the Labour Day Game for us. So don't say Greene got us to 11-7, cause he didn't.

Crandell didn't get any help today. His recievers dropped sure passes that were right on the money, and when they did catch the passes they fumbled them. I do not blame Crandell for this loss. And in NO WAY do I want Greene to satrt the next game. If I had my way Greene would never play another game as a Rider.

You can't blame this game on Crandell and I also would trust Crandell over Greene any day of the week. I'll admit watching Nealon play may be a little more entertaining because you never know what kind of interesting way he'll give up the ball.

I still blame Marcel, I've been saying it since the end on last season Marcel has got to go I mean seriously, I can call what play is coming next and I'm just a fan sitting in the stands. The opposition has a coach SOLELY for the purpose of scouting out the other teams tendancies. If me, a plain old fan, can see what's coming next a paid coach will certainly be able to figure it out.

Marcel has no sense of imagination whatsoever. The Riders run the same plays week in and week out, never a new twist in the play book. The fact that Marcel runs the draw play 2 times when you're going for the win against a tough Edmonton club a week ago proves to me that Marcel either doesn't care if he wins or loses OR he's being paid off on the side by the opposition to call shitty games.

17 games into the season Marcel decides that the Riders are now a passing team so we practically abandon the running game and try to force passes. Sure, I'd like to see the Riders gain some sense of an arial attack but you can't just one day switch gears and go totally against everything that got you into the situation you're in today. When the Riders were on the winning streak we were running the ball like crazy and not so surprisingly we were winning. Stick with what works until it doesn't anymore.

This entire post will now be summarized in 3 words:


Greene, Greene, best QB that has ever been
Greene, Greene, oh so keen
Greene, Greene, scores touchdowns like a machine
Greene, Greene, with you as starter the Grey Cup is seen

Neeeeealon Greeeeeeeeeeeeene!!!!!

Good call Jeremy, you summarized my feelings so well, I don't even have to write anything.

If anyone here honestly thinks that Nealon Greene could have done any better with that horrendous play calling, they are completely clueless. I would like to see any QB from any league be successfull with Marcel's play calling. Crandell did his job today. He ran the plays that were called and most of the time put the ball where it had to be. Even the deep balls were well thrown. I can count a couple of deep balls that were right in Thurmon's hands, but were dropped. Let's wake up people, the only problem on the Riders right now is coaching and in particular Marcel. He would have one messy front yard if all the crap he puts out on the field each game was dumped on his driveway!

I agree that we have to fire Marcel, but as head coach, you need to control what your team is doing. We have played 17 games, and if we don't know that our running game is what has won our games for us, and that if we run, then we open up our pass game, then there is something wrong with our head coach. We ran the ball 10 times, I have said it before in other forums, but I think that is a key stat, especially when you are calling hitch passes that require the defence to respect the run. Also Danny doesn't have a killer instict to bury teams. He thinks well were up 21-6, lets let our defence win the game for us. This is the CFL. Scoring 29 points in a half is not uncommon. To the fans credit, we stayed in the whole game, even though touchdowns get you fired up. So the took some of the noise away. Danny would be a better GM because he has the respect of the players, but he is not a good head coach.


Okay, trollboy.....shouldn't you be in school or something?

lol im not a troll, im tht sliver in your ass that always bugs when you are in a bad mood,

Never had a sliver in my nether-regions before, but if you’re likening yourself to one, then I suppose that’s one that would bother me anytime - good mood or bad. I have no patience for trolls.

I’m not sure whinch QB i would trust more right now. I guess it depends on the game plan the opposing team brings. Crandle is more of a pocket passer if theres no pressure he can hit the receivers. If there is alot of pressure/ blitzing then i would rather have Greene in there, he can run faster and avoid the pressure long enough to find the open man or take it upfield for the first.

If Greene is played I do not want to see him used as a pocket passer, he’s more of a active QB that can use his legs and if a DB thinks hes going run and hestiitates, theres an open receiver, If the DB dosn’t hestitate then theres a running lane.

Both QB’s offer something different and I would like to see them both utalized when needed. Marcel can’t be scared to change the gameplan a bit, and Barret can’t be afraid to hurt a QB’s confidence by switching them up when the time comes.

I guess what im saying is we should adapt to whatever the defense is doing by putting in the best QB for the given job, and Marcel shouldn’t be scared to change up his offense as the defense adapts to his game plan.

I seriously think this team could have a potent offense by switching it up a bit.