Make a push for Jovon Johnson

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Apparently he's not very happy at not being offered an extension in the Peg, so he's actively looking elsewhere. I wouldn't mind seeing him wear the Black and Gold

with Johnson in the Cats secondary, (including additional seasoning of guys like Hinds, Collins, Webb, and Means) we should have the makings of a stalwart defensive backfield to rival any in the league.

Get Jovon on board and Thiggy back, and we have great potential this year.

He's not a free agent. He's grandfathered in to the option window. But if he chose to go to FA next year, he'd be a big "Hit".

8) He sounds like another spoiled crybaby to me !!
 First he blasts the Bombers for not giving him a contract extension, then in the next breath he says he is a loyal man,
 and loyal to the Bombers, and that he would return to them if he doesn't get an NFL contract !!

  A guess he would return to them, since he either plays there, or not at all at that point.

   If he was smart enough he should have had the Bombers put incentive clauses in his original contract for such things
    as Def. MOP, and leading the league in interceptions, etc etc.

     Those incentive clauses could have earned him a lot of easy cash at the end of this past season !!