.....I don't know what's going on with the bog of the Bombers but i think it's getting late in the day for an announcement on who the hell is???....No1. the gm is of this team....No.2...the coach of this club....Leaving the fans and sponsors of this club 'hanging in the air' is not looking good....It seems a decison on afore-mentioned is becoming an arduous task...???The other teams in this league are pretty well set for 2010, while we continue to dither and procrastinate to no end...We have heard all kinds of rumours but nothing DEFINITE ... As a long-time fan I'm getting a little perturbed at the 'hee-hawing'...The Cup is over ...all teams are setting their sights on 2010...and we seem to be drifting without a captain or direction... or IF we have decided, someone is keeping it a big secret....I don't think the powers that be, for the Bombers ,should rush into any major decisions HOWEVER..deliberating forever is not progressive in the least....ESPECIALLY if there is going to be major changes.....AND if there isn't ...make a bloody announcement already...Uncertainty can be a corrosive factor when the main componnents of your team are blowing in the wind....soooooo how bout some direction BOG....times-up...tired of waiting :thdn: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

The knives are being sharpened as we speak. Papa you know how the Bombers work. Things don't happen over night with this club. It will take sometime for a decision to be made. The same as we have not won a Grey Cup in 19 years. They want to review all of Kelly's stupid moves all season. They are numerous. This alone will take sometime. :cowboy:

Mid freaking December before the BOD even meets again, according to Friesen in todays Sun.

Never mind Bauer & Kelly, it's time for a BOD that treats this organization as a priority instead of their own personal past time.

I don't know what the big rush is? I understand whay Bauer and his boy are nervous but there is absolutely nothing these two guys need an answer on right now. They are paid, they keep working till someone says they are not working no more. If anything this little trick Bauer pulled going to a buddy at the paper may end up sealing his faith.

The board has some difficult decisions to make and they are the only ones who have seen Bauer's document.

Anyway going to the press was weak.

I dont expect to hear anything from anyone unless they are being let go.As far as I see they have contracts for next year and should be here.

I always hate when sports teams come out and give someone a vote of confidence for another year,all that does it set them up for even more failure if it doesnt work out.

.....Bombers board of directors or board of governors....(never can keep that straight) are meeting TODAY....maybe we'll get some definite direction out of these guys 'soon'.....I have a feeling ,after they get the report they requested, has been 'digested', that the status quo will remain for 2010...There will be some unhappy fans if this is the case...however my feeling on this 'stay the course' direction would give Kelly and company another shot to get their act together....Three coaches in 3 years is hardly the 'foundation building' this team requires to look like a contender....Besides i like the asst. coaching crew we have...IF the head-coach can't get the job done EARLY ON in the year, changes will have to be made.... Also..It seems we have little or no choice financially....After the dust settles ...I think Bauer and Kelly will remain going into 2010....All bets are off if this team is losing 'big-time' to start next season...Just my take....and i have been wrong before :wink: ...The main thing is we can expect some sort of announcement 'soon' as it appears today there is a meeting :roll:

If It was my decision I would remove any and every responsability from Kelly other than Head Coach and I would contract a firm to present candidates for General Managers and request five candidates from Kelly for every Assistant coach positions with pre-established hiring criterias.

I would also do an audit of the Bombers Servers and assure that Kelly's biggest complaint of Taman the lack of information in the football operations has been remedied. If it has not. I would fire Murphy. I would also audit Bauer's activities, notes and business plan and if it is lacking , missing or not acceptable byebye.

I'll charge Hidahll 10k plus expenses and I'll give him a document and fix all this shiat for him.

Too many good old boys in Winnipeg to expect a fair and impartial process on this or anything Bomber related. Until private ownership takes over, things will never change.

There is another approach the BOD could take, which is the one I would prefer.

Push Lyle out of the way, he is just bidding his time anyways, so let him work with his charities until he is ready to go.

Hire a GM and have him call the shots. Have him force Kelly to relinquish all his hats except HC and hire coordinators for the offense.

If Kelly doesn't like it, he can resign and we owe him nothing and you don't have to gut the whole thing again.

I would venture to say that there is enough unprofessional behavior proof available to terminate his contract with cause and not give him a cent. I had a friend who was fired last week because someone got a hold of his laptop and sent a (fat joke picture). With everything Kelly has done publicly to negatively affect the organisation. You could fire him and wait for him in court... would not be too worried.

But you could subtly force him out, like he did to Taman, and he would have no recourse whatsoever, especially with his track record from last year.

I don’t trust leaving it up to the lawyers, that almost always ends in some kind of compromise settlement.

But then you have a disgruntled and potentially destructive Bauer still running your show... Hopefully you guys get better, no one deserves 10 years of mediocrity and the criticism that Kelly put fans through this year. You look at Trestman and look at Kelly and it is obvious he needs to be let go.

At this stage, Lyle will be happy to collect the rest of his pay cheques and then ride off to Calgary to retire, maybe even before his contract is up. He keeps his position in name only.

Even if you fire Lyle, as soon as he takes the position in Calgary, you stop paying him. He has already sold his house here, so it's just a matter of time.

Wow... Talk about a confident motivated guy :thup: No wonder that proud team is in the shape it is in. That's why the board needs to take the time it needs and do this right.

...YOU CAN BET.....there will be strings attached to any continuation of Kellys services....IF Bauer decides to ride off to cow town, then a new gm will have the team in his scrutinizing hands...We could be in for some rocky roads if this occurs and the Bombers under Kelly aren't winning... A new gm better be prepared to make some tough decisions..I think it's paramount that a new offensive co-ordinator be brought in ...I also believe that man should be able to fill the coaches position if the BigBlue start showing signs of a repeat of 09....Tough call really...but now is the time to put some safe-guards in place...That's why i believe it's imperative ,that a course for the next season is plotted NOW, WITH DUE DILIGENCE....can't say much more until we hear what the bod has to say.. :roll:

Totally agree. . . I think that is the key move to be made, regardless of whether Kelly stays or goes. . .

That's why I don't understand why the media would try and force the board's hand. As long as whoever the keep or hire is in place in early January there should not be a problem and really Bauer , Murphy and Kelly are still being paid so who are they to demand that the board confirms their position... Imagine going to your boss and saying. I want to know right now do I have a job for the next 12 months... see how that works for someone...

The BOG are NOT meeting today apparently. I understand it was reported on CKY and on CJOB that they were going to but CJOB is now apparently saying the meeting won't be until next week at least.

I'm glad you're not on the BOG, HfxTC. Personally I think Kelly has done a good job as GM. He's brought in a lot of new, young talent, he signed a lot of vets to contract extensions, he's restructured contracts so we won't have cap problems in the future and he's has made some good trades.

As for the player database, it's working just fine thanks to Kelly and Murphy.

....this is disappointing that there's no meeting today......because, although hfxtc is off on some of his take on the Bombers...he IS way off base when it comes to dilly-dallying around with the direction of the Bombers for 2010.... I wish the media would get their facts straight with the BigBlue and its operations... makes you wonder..There is all kinds of work to be done NOW ...especially if the rumoured changes take place....getting free agents on the dotted line... lining-up prospective fas...hiring a new o.c. ( if that is a priority)...we just don't know?????These questions have to be answered and the sooner the better...I have to agree with blue blood on the work of Murphy....nothing wrong with the data base..He engineered a helluva trade toward the end of 09 with cal....and the gem of them all ...Jabari Arthur hasn't even seen the field yet.. :wink: I don't think its too much to ask to get some definitive answers now for the fans of this club...especially after all of the rumours....At least they should dispell them or confirm...We're in no-where-land right now.. signed..Waiting patiently :roll:

I've got to ask. Are you his wife ? :lol: