Major trash talkin' in B.C.

Printers a 'coward,' says Hunt
Sidelined Ticats quarterback no great friend of Lions lineman - and ex-roomate
Mike Beamish, Vancouver Sun
Published: Friday, September 26, 2008
Aaron Hunt was crestfallen Friday when he heard that Casey Printers won't be starting at quarterback for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Saturday night at BC Place.

Ouch, quite an article. The writer also says the talk is that Printers is 'doughy' and out of shape, and his throwing mechanics have gone south (I don't know about doughy, but his mechanics are terrible this year).
Quite a bit more in this article.
There's also another article, right below it in the sports index on the Sun sports page about Josh Boden, and his troubles and quest for redemption. Interesting reading.

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Classy guy that Hunt.

Here's the funny part, he calls Printers arrogant and yet he thinks that Printers is faking an injury and has had enough trouble on the field to have Porter start just because he's afraid to play against BC. What a joke. That's the epitome of arrogance. What a loser.

It's been a plot all season long. I can't believe I didn't see it until now. Printers planned for us to lose all along so that he could bow out of playing against BC in BC. :roll:

Grow up Hunt.

Just add this to the list of people who already don't like Printers:

-Bob Ackles
-KC Chiefs

Articles like this just show you how much Casey was liked in BC by his teammates. Look at the uproar here when it came out that when he signed here he told all his teammates in a meeting that he was going to be their saviour!

Ya and Payton Manning blames all the sacks and INTS on his O Line but come Sunday who would they want linning up under centre ??

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