Major Scoop on

Breaking news on Ourbombers???

Charlie Roberts ......??

General Taylor is investigating!

[url=] ... 1692#31692[/url]

If this is true Winnipeg better start looking for some replacements or they will be competing for last place again. Without a running back like Roberts the Winnipeg offence would be...even worse then now.

I’d wait until a more reliable source makes an announcement. Sounds like something McMahon would cook up.


Turd down McMahon? :lol:

Update from the highly repected ... Ed Tait ....with comments from Taman

[url=] ... php?t=4510[/url]

I really have trouble beleiving comments from message board without legitimate links or back ups.

Drummer, you is the media man! What does your media links say?

Methinks, Blink should stay away from the keyboard after imbibing on the happy juice. :slight_smile:

I smell complete garbage…