Major Rift in Lions Camp

Heard on sportstalk today. There is a major rift between Wally Buono and some the his players regarding team policies and offensive decisions. Apparently some policy about players not dating cheerleaders was tested by one of the players and Buono came down hard on that player. C'mon Wally boys will be boys!! Secondly, some receivers are miffed at not many offensive plays designed or picked focusing on them are being used by Buono. Dissention is just around the corner in typical BC westcoast me first attitude fashion. Too bad- lots of talent on this years' edition of the Leos!

OK turkey where is the link!~)

In the world of sports and coaching things like this happen often. Anytime you have a lot of people working towards a common goal there will be disagreements (especially if you throw women into the mix).

The media loves to jump on things like this but the reality is, it means nothing. I remember when everybody told Danny Barrett to leave Keith at home because he will be a distraction and ultimately bad for the team (after his trouble with the law). As I recall, Keith had a good game and The Riders won an away game.

Where's the beef? Link!

I have the same problem, my wife won't let me date cheerleaders, it's just not right. :wink:

HA! You too, eh? (I am not actually married but may as well be)

Haven't heard a thing about that on the west coast , where's the link?

...turkey must have a man on the inside in else could he know all about the in-fighting there...BUT....if you watch Geroy this year ...and the continual pout he seems to have....maybe there is some truth to the turks ramblings....of course we all know the real reason the leos are miffed....and that would be about Murphy,,,,and his assumption that he is actually a 'thinker'...and sent Reginald Hunt a package stating all the other lions are wondering where their gift is...this can be very unsettling for a team.... :wink: :lol:

With out a link this story is nothing more then Marty York material.

I heard a rumour that Turkey was attending night school at the Marty York school of journalism.

Here is the advertising link:

Hmmmmm, so that's why RLR is whining about injuries in post after post--to hide the fact that there is dissension among the ranks in Insanity By the Sea...

Maybe they could market the cheerleaders to the new recruits to get them to sign in the spring