major props

wow what a game last night although it did end in a tie, im a die hard eskie fan as you all know. But that Winnipeg team played very well i still think we controlled the game a little more then they did, But shit they wouldnt get off our ass, everytime i thought we had it they did sometin fantastic. your bomber fans have sometin very exciting to look forward to

*you bomber fans

I don't believe the Bombers ever had the lead in the game, so I think your observation (in bold) is correct.
It is amazing for a team to keep fighting from behind as many times as the Bombers did last night.

Good effort by both sides!

back at you corny, I predicted that your Esks would be a much improved team this year, they seem to be ahead of schedule on offense. Just wait until all the new faces on defense get it going, your secondary is going to be one of the toughest in the league to pass against.