Major League Soccer in Vancouver for 2010

Don Garber will make the announcement official tommorow that Vancouver and Montreal will be the next two cities in Major League Soccer.

How will the Whitecaps playing in BC Place affect the Lions in regards to:

  1. The turf, the condition of it and maintenance of it for two sports playing on it

  2. Scheduling; will the Lions have first priority for the Stadium and be able to bump the Whitecaps out of a home date, keeping in mind the Whitecaps season starts earlier

Since the turf is only for game days, it shouldn't be an issue.

I'm thinking that since the Lions draw more fans and have been around longer, they will get first choice of dates at BC Place.

Is it for sure that they will be playing in BC Place? The rent might be a bit high for the 15,000 (if that) they will draw.

The Whitecaps are about to sign a 5 year lease with Pavco the operators of BC Place

They'll probably "Curtain" off areas like the Lions used to. More revenue to pay for the retractable dome!