Canadian Football League
National Football League
Fall Experimental Football League

And now coming soon--Major League Football!

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A joke, is it April 1st already. :lol:

gee, the last thing this continent needs is major league football

Another failed league for the bone pile!

Hmm, they are marketing different rules. Like shorter play clock for a faster game.

Interesting concept. :roll:

What bugs me the most is they are calling it MLFB. Football is one word. Is Major League Baseball called MLBB?

Also, normally in business wouldn't you look at past business failures and see that something didn't work many times with the same model. How are there still people that think they can try it and make it work? Arrogance? Do they think all the others were just poorly managed by incompetent people?

According to the MLLF website here are the official 2014 final standings:

Something makes me think this league is a bit of a scam. :wink:

That MLF is an amateur adult league but it is real, primarily NY/NJ area teams.

This ONE is the MLFB looking for investors and probably will be nothing more than vapour and may have a trademark fight on their hands.