Major League Baseball rules

Oh boy, saw this post game interview with Maddon this morning and I must say after watching this play, totally agree with him. Not just the CFL where there are issues with rules and interpretations:

Maddon 'couldn't disagree more' with overturned call at home

"I'm not arguing against the umpires. I thought the umpires did a great job," Maddon said. "I thought the game was well-officiated. I thought whoever had to make that decision, you put them in a bad decision in a replay booth in New York City."

Maddon called it "a great baseball play" and said he thought the throw from left fielder Kyle Schwarber took Contreras toward the baseline.

"He catches the ball and his technique was absolutely 100 percent perfect," Maddon said.

Maddon reiterated that he "could not disagree more with the interpretation" of the rule.

"The umpires did everything according to what they've been told, but I, from Day One, have totally disagreed with the context of that rule. I think it's wrong. I think anybody that's played major league or even minor league baseball will agree with me 100 percent on that," he said.