MAJOR Injuries

Durant is out
Emry is out
Demski is out

So what exactly is the word on Emry and Demski? Out as in the season?

After the awkward first half he had and coming off easily his worst year I'm not too worried about Emry except that he f's up the ratio now. Did you all see him on that first Bomber TD? :facepalm: And this was the guy that they traded Foley for ...

What about MacDougall? I missed the first 45 seconds of the game and didn't see what happened to him.

Emry has a concussion…AGAIN…gotta wonder if he is straight up done…this was 100% the fear when bringing him in for Foley.

Demski got smoked out of bounds on a return, hurt his shoulder…sounds like a collarbone

MacDougall was also strutting a sling

Oh...And i just received a message that Marshay Green was dinged up as well...didn't even notice that one


Never want to see anyone get hurt, but seriously that will improve the defense.

DD, Green, Brack, Emry, MacDougall, Demski, Dressler

so 7 starters out before or at end of game that I can think of...oh...and Green...but I know nothing on that

oh man...Mike Reilly is out for the Esks to! WOW

Reilly Lulay Durant Ray

What's wrong with Lulay? Or did you mean Crompton?

Just had a chance to watch the game this morning on PVR. Here is my assessment for what it's worth....

Injuries!! Wow!! A lot of key players went down.. And a lot with Canadian Passport. Unfortunate with Emry, Demski and MacDougall. And hopefully Messam is OK too. I see he took at a good shot at the end of a play there and the offence did not get back on the field.

MLB position is in serious question now with Emry out... It would be nice to have Sam Hurl back

Defence cost us this game. Not to take away what Willy or the Bombers did, but the missed tackles were unacceptable.. So many... Chamblin has to get the defence fixed up fast! He puts so much emphasis on defence winning Championships and right now we do not have a defence to do that. When we needed the key stop at the end of the game to get the ball back, they couldn't do it.

The biggest thing that the organization has to take out of this loss is the importance of Canadian Depth. A few years back we had the Canadian Airforce... Resulted in some good teams and deep playoff runs. In 2013 we had a very good mix of Canafian talent on both defence and offence. But since 2013, we have been losing our Canadian depth one player at a time. Lose one here and one there and the management has been .. "Oh well, it's only one guy." Now the Riders Canadian depth will be tested with These injuries. They are one or two more Canadian injuries away from disaster... I am sure every team was envious of the Riders Canadian depth and talent a few years back.. Now not so much.

My final concern is the fact the Riders cannot do anything to hold the lead late in games. This is the 3rd loss in a row this year where they gave up a lead late and could not come back. See concerns with defence above.

Taman will be busy on the phone today looking for replacements...

I wish all the best to Ben Heenan but.... It would be nice to have him back

Crompton and lefevour, all the QB's out the first game.

Three healthy starting QB's....should be interesting to watch

I completely agree with you Football Rules; hence, 3 or 4 years ago Saskatchewan was the envy of all other CFL teams, because of their Canadian/national talent; not anymore and it will be getting worse should Emry,Demski and McDougal-wrong spelling-are out for many games.

Yesterday, I definitely thought that the defence would perform much,much more better; they allowed 470 yards,i.e, 325 passing and 145 running; after the first quarter, they could not stop the run. Offensively, they generated 497 yards; you should win with these numbers.

After the first week, there are definitely major concern in Montreal,-my team- in Edmonton and in Saskatchewan. For me, Toronto had the best/most positive results of the first week, given the injury to Ricky Ray and their young/new talent; should Trevor Harris continue-I know,it's only 1 game- to perform as well, there will be no hurray to bring back Ricky Ray.

Will be an interesting game next Sunday. -Toronto at Saskatchewan- I think that I will pick Toronto.



Once Emry was out they could not stop the game they will have an international as arotation as minimum

Emry didn't do anything when he was in either. Riders D line killed Winnipeg's O-line in the first quarter. 2nd quarter Winnipeg clawed back a bit in this matchup. 3rd quarter Winnipeg started to get the edge, 4th quarter Bombers line took over.

Riders LBs were bad all game. Clark was easily best guy, everyone else looked like bums for 60 minutes.

What about going with more National Recievers? Take out Taj or J.Rich and then add Alex Carrol or Haidara and that might ease the import / national situation on defense in the linebacking core.
At least Glenn is a proven QB in the league. Also like i said during Preseason, Glenn had a better perseason than Durant.
I was super disapointed in the defense and the lack of form tackling. - If it wasn't for the lack of tackling we might have gotten the W.

I was thinking that they probably have to dress Carroll as well. Another way to make 7 starters is to dress Vonk as backup and start Watman for Adcock. That is an option. I think they probably have no choice but to keep Connop/Agbaje at DT. Michael Carter might have to dress in the secondary.

Funny that Woldu was let go because they didn’t want to keep a guy who only played ST and couldn’t crack the defense, yet Marshay Green can’t play defense to save his life and he starts. Never like to see a guy get hurt but at least that problem is solved next week. Marshay was probably the worst player in the field yesterday.

3 OL
2 rec
Connop on DL

From there I am assuming a rotation of Weber Régimbald

There is no ideal fix to this unless messam and demski can go not a great tackler but is pretty solid in coverage. He might turn into a great zone guy...something the riders have not built towards in a few years but is required now

Carter sucked of what I have seen of him. Either a PI or guy left wide open. Lol yes too bad they decided Alex P wasn't good enough and cut him. Too late to correct that now as Ottawa snapped him up before he could clean out his locker here.

I agree Emry didn't exactly shine when he was in nor did our back up's , back up at safety.

Going to be an interesting week at practice. That is if they have enough bodies left to practice.

Jeezus, you're right if they'd have just kept Alex P he would have taught Marshay Green to tackle. If they'd just kept Alex P he could have held for Milo and he'd have made the chip shot. If they'd have just kept Alex P he'd have laid the turf himself and Durant would not have popped his achilles.

If they'd have just made room for a big slow NAT receiver commish Orridge would have cancelled the season and just handed the Cup to the Riders.

Holy F**k. :stuck_out_tongue: Some things you just have to get over.