Major hurdle officially cleared in Ottawa

Now that Portland has officially been awarded the second MLS 2011 expansion team ( ... &fext=.jsp), This should get past the hurdle that is Melnyk and his soccer-specific-stadium plan for an Ottawa MLS team.

I can't imagine Ottawa giving Melnyk a stadium that would definitely not have a tenant for the next 3 seasons - at least. I'm still not convinced Ottawa would support an MLS team, even in 2012 or 2013. When you consider that Lansdowne Live would immediately have a primary tenant in a new Ottawa franchise, it must be the clear choice over Melnyk's proposal.

So now it seems the biggest hurdle remaining is the city of Ottawa itself. They could still decide to go to a location other than Lansdowne or Kanata (though why they would do this, I don't know), but my biggest concern is of them deciding they don't need a stadium at all. That is still a very possible option.

Now is when Ottawa really needs to see that the CFL does belong there.

On March 25, 2008, the CFL Board of Governors awarded a conditional franchise to an Ottawa group that includes 67's owner Jeff Hunt. The franchise will be condition free when the Hunt group negotiates a stadium deal with the City of Ottawa. You are invited to show your support for the franchise by reserving a seat in the stadium for the team's first season. Each seat reservation is $25 and special consideration is being given to former season ticket holders of the Ottawa Renegades and/or Ottawa Rough Riders.

Reserve your seat(s) at Capital Tickets by following this link:

Support Ottawa 's New CFL Team -- $25 Per Seat Reservationtc23

One can only hope Canada's national capital votes for a team in Canada's only professional sports league of it's own with local Ottawa owners in a Canadian league that has operated for decades. I know, it sounds fairly straightforward, or should be, but you never know.

Yes CK, one would think that this MLS decision should mean a done deal for us.
That's if you believe in logic, but we are dealing with politicians(crooked) who by enlarge have their own personal agenda and frankly may be in the hip pocket of Melnyk who probably holds some weight in the city. Having said that, you would also think that Hunt and his wealthy group have been around alot longer and are a citizens of Ottawa.
A no brainer to most of us.
Your move politicians.

Here is a news article form the Ottawa Citizen

The bad news, there is no mention of football
The good news, there is no mention of scoccer

So, will Ottawa have their act together for 2010? Its not that long. :? :?

That date was scuttled sometime ago. They're aiming for 2011 now.

2011 oh well its better than 2012.

Thanks for the update!

Definitely, because everyone knows the world comes to an end in 2012. One more season of football in Ottawa will be kind of a nice way to go out....

Can we start a rumour that Casey Printers will be the starting QB in Ottawa in 2011?

You can start one, but nobody will believe it.