Major Changes

Wow, some serious shakeups happenning this off-season! New HC in Sask, Hamilton, TO, and likely BC!

very interesting. Thus far TO looks to have been the sharpest, hiring Scott, and then him grabbing Jones. I am actually a little surprised Jones did not slow play things to see if he had a crack at a HC job.

Has Chris Jones actually signed on the dotted line or merely speaking with Argo brass?

I like Toronto aggressiveness. When free agency comes I have a feeling they will be throwing around a lot of money. Not to mention David braley will likely sell the lions.

I believe all of this will be true once Toronto holds a press conference (soon?) to announce Scott Milanovich as head coach.

Why do you believe Braley will sell the Lions this off-season?

Has he personally remarked that this season was his last as an owner of the Leos?

and thanks for the link backer.

There's quite a bit of speculation in the local market, and to be honest just speculation at this point, that Braley will divest himself of the Lions. One thing many people outside of BC may not know, is that there are quite a few people interested in purchasing the Lions. It's a good property and in terms of value, it's really never been higher.

With a Grey Cup championship, new building, great Grey Cup hosted, solid team with solid local support, it would be the best time to sell. And just reading between the lines of what Mark Cohon stated during Grey Cup week, it seems to me Braley will be selling the Lions this offseason.

i think this 2011 season, while dull, will be looked back on as a transitional season.
one that set the wheels in motion for exciting seasons to come;

barker out, milanovich in. chip jones as DC.
jyles becomes argos number 1. no more lemon.
bellefeuille out.
burris to hamilton?
lulay becomes a star.
tate looks promising and takes the reins in cowtown.
bombers likely to make changes on offence. new OC.
last season at old canadInns.
new BC place stadium.

Dull? One of the best and most exciting for me but that's just me. Actually I can't recall any CFL season as being dull but then my love of the game is pretty high. Can't get enough CFL football.

I'm with you Earl. . . I enjoyed this season as I always do.

The Grey Cup game was less than a classic but not the season. Winnipeg and Edmonton run away with it early while Montreal, BC and Sask stumble. Hamilton goes Jekyll and Hyde all year, the Argos tank, Winnipeg and Edmonton slide back to reality, Burris loss's the starters job to Tate, Lulay become a league star and BC roars past everyone down the stretch. Can't recall when so much was riding on the last week of the season and this was the first time ever the final four was completely different than the previous year. Back to back 3000 yd seasons for Owens, major records for Calvillo and Geroy Simon came within 100 yds of Stegall (who he should pass in the season opener next year).

I don't think the Grey Cup lived up to the season (although it wasn't an all out dud) but the season was great.

when 3 of every 4 games each week were blow-outs and over by the half, i’d call that dull.
when all the teams are pretty much mediocre, i’d call that dull.

argos were boring to watch. riders were boring to watch. the tabbies were either blowing out a team or being blown out.
same goes for most every team in the league.
the only team with any kind of consistancy, were the grey cup champions.

when a grey cup game is over, i’m usually sad that i have to go 8 months without football.
this year, i was glad to put the 2011 season to bed.

Disagree with your assessment dg but to each his own. Hey, you're just mad because London hasn't got a CFL team and Hamilton is getting a new stadium. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, had to that man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember, no lead, or very few at any rate, is safe in 3 down 20 second football. :wink:

Other than your assessment of Toronto and Saskatchewan, I could not disagree more on your assessment of the year. The top 3 teams were tied in the West, the top 2 tied in the east and the top five teams were within 2 points in the standings.

As Earl said, each is entitled to his/her opinion. As for me, this was one of the best and most entertaining seasons in well over 50 years watching and loving 3 down football. :cowboy:

in terms of, division races down to the final game, yes. but from kick-off to final gun - game in, game out - no way.

I agree with Drummer, as the 2010 season was certainly better and more entertaining if not also the 2009 season when I first started following the action.

Some of the matter is the luck of the draw though with key injuries popping up to change the complexion of teams on one side of the ball.

The injuries to especially key players explain much of the Jekyll and Hyde referenced too, and you've heard me rant otherwise at length about roster expansion as a way to deal with that especially for key positions other than QB for which there is a shortage of quality anyway in all of pro football.