Major changes to the Coaching Staff for 2008...?

With only a few games remaining and the off season for the Cats just around the corner...
It is this fan's hope that the axe falls..very shortly there after.. on most of the Coaching Staff.
Some people said that Greg Mashall was in way over his head...
If that was indeed the case, then what can be said about some of the existing group of coaches.
#1) Ed O'Neil..Totally out of touch with the players on Defence, should have been replaced many, many, games ago...or perhaps the real question is, why was he hired for this position in the first place ?
#2) Mike Working..A very complexed Offencive system to run, perhaps too complexed of a system.
#3) Charlie Taaffe..Great respect for this Coach..but I have always believed that the sh.t rolls uphill not down. And you can not always put all the blame on the players..rather than yourself. I would dismiss
Charlie, before the end of 2007.

Any thoughts ?

Cheers :thup:

We need stability. We as fans need to support this. That said, I believe there will be some coaches let go.

Taffe will be back...if he wants to come back

I would keep Working, working... If his offense is too complex, Printers sure isn't showing it. He is making the right reads, and if the receivers would catch more of their passes than they drop, then we can have something going here.
It is the DEFENSE that needs re-WORKING...
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New co-ordinators.

With CFL experience.

This team hasn't had that since 2002. It shows.

Everyone else can stay in my books.

Fire them all and start over again. Yeah that's it! That will solve all of the problems. A new coaching staff and new philosophy etc etc. That sounds great. Bob get on the phone, I hear that Greg Marshall (Western) and Joe Paopao (?) are available.


Keep Charlie T, he is proven in the CFL. The first pecking order to should be to hire Denny Crrehan as D Coordinator

I think Taaffe and Working should stay. the polay calling last week showed signs of promise. It's obvious with and able QB this offence will work. A lot of plays were called that couldn't be with Maas because of the arm strength issue.

O'Neill however, may be in over his head. As I said in another post, there are too many players that have come and gone through his system for it to be that they are all bad.

I agree, the defence has looked lost out there at times. If we were going out and getting clobbered every game then it's a player issue. If we just can't seem to adjust (Fantuz 240yds, 3 TDs) then that's a coaching issue.

With Printers and our improving Oline and our great running game, I think Working's job is safe, as is Taaffe's. O'Neill should go however.

I don't think Denny Creehan is the answer, as evidenced by his dismissal in Calgary due to a porous defence. As well, he implemented a 3-4 D and our player complement is more conducive to a 4-3.