Major CFL Scandal?

So David Braley lent the owners of the Argos 2 million to help them buy the team.
Braley has no hand in the running of the team.
He just lent them the money.
And this is now being turned into a major scandal in the Globe and Mail.
Because after all they say, the NFL wouldn't do that!
Guess hockey is over, so now its time to dig up dirt on the CFL again.
But all I can say about this supposed "scandal" is wake me up when its over.
Like unless Braley was involved in trading Argo players to his BC team, who cares?
See what happens when we get into the dead zone?

I dont think that David Cronenberg would like it too much that you have stolen one his movie titles to advance one of your Chicken Little theories... :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Braley simply loves the CFL and has the $ to help it out. I doubt he has any ill intent.

Good for Dave Braley. Stephen Brunt should get a life.

If I recall Lamar Hunt bankrolled the AFL when it started up back in the sixties. So what's the big deal with Braley bankrolling the CFL.

And Budweiser bought every other hydroplane team new turbine engines. Who cares.

Five years after the fact but days after their names come up with a competing bid for the Leafs.... Reporters on the take are some of the biggest parasites in society.

Who really cares? Braley can do whatever he wants with his money. Don't forget, that back in the 40s the people who owned the Chicago Blackhawks also owned the Detroit Red Wings.

The same guys who are supposedly on the short list to buy the Phoenix Coyotes needed loans to keep the Argos afloat?

Who says the "needed" a loan. Could be they weren't willing to risk two million and Braley said here...I'll put half the cash down in and if the franchise fails I'll write it off and if you make money I'll get it back and make a little profit same as you guys.

That's what it looks like to me.

There is nothing wrong with this that I can see.
Again a blatant attempt by the anti CFL Globe to smear the league.
Naylor and Brunt should be ashamed of themselves.
I heard Brunt earlier with McCown and then when Commish Cohon joined them. Like Cohon said it was before his time and there was nothing wrong with this and especially as Braley literally saved the Argos and also the Cats when the last owners drove them into the ground.
Again Brunt is taking a negative slant when there is none. A positive story it is, but the Globe will always give you that anti CFL spin for which Naylor and Brunt are famous for.

Writing this story isn't anti-CFL in the least. Most leagues prevent loans between ownership groups for a number of valid reasons. I'm a big fan of what these guys did in saving the Argos from the brink but simply discussing the reasoning and circumstances surrounding this unreported loan isn't being negative for the sake of it.

If they did nothing wrong, then Cohon will report as much. Case closed, and we'll move on to the next story. No big deal.

I do agree with you , no big deal and really no story. know berezin99, you should patent this statement and use it in your signature....

Yeah right.
This from a guy who is posting about a new stadium for Regina.
In case you don't read newspapers, check out the Globe and Mail.
Then you'll see where my post came from.
Then you can go back to posting about non existant stadiums.

I just heard that the WWE is owned by Vince McMahon and he used to own a football league as well. Mr. Braley is my Greatest Canadian by a country mile.

...and you keep on posting about non-existent issues...

Reporting it is one thing. the following comments are not reporting...insinuating that Braley is vain is an opinion with no facts to support it.

Enter Braley, more than happy to ride to the rescue. He had made his fortune in the auto parts business, but it was in the CFL where Braley became a public figure as owner and saviour, first of the Ticats and then the Lions. That made him a very big frog in a very small pond and Braley loved it – loved being the power behind the throne, being the richest, most influential guy on the board.

He was never happier than during the months between the firing of Mike Lysko and the hiring of Wright, when he served as interim commissioner – and when he took particular delight in the fact that it was his name inscribed on the league’s official footballs. (Wright, it should be remembered, was hired over Braley’s objections, so making the commissioner appear impotent in the Argos situation would be an added bonus.)

I wonder who leaked that information to the Globe? Wright? He was just contracted to prepare the bid for Balsillie. Everyone knows Braley and Wright weren't buddies... MLSE? They may have seen the Argos books back when they were looking at building a stadium together... It just dosen't make sense why this comes out 6 years after the fact.

AEG in the MLS own the LA Galaxy and 50 percent of the Houston team. Don't hear any wrong doing about this.

Me too.

They had to fund a $4 million purchase and allow for losses of another million a year during the turn around period.

Here’s another take on the matter. It is less hysterical than the piece by Brunt/G&M