Major CFL announcement coming this week

Been told to expect a major CFL announcement that media has been given order not to disclose.

Was told it will be announced either Tuesday or Thursday or Friday of this week.

Command Centre once again made the wrong call on the Tiger-Cats and we're sorry. Again.

My sources told me that it will be announced either Monday or Wednesday or Saturday of this week. :roll: :lol: But not on Sunday........... :cowboy:

The CFL can't be that major of an announcement.

The Leafs do not have a coaching vacancy :lol:

CFL making a major announcement live on Nov 15 at 4:00 pm local time in Regina at the Canadian Brewhouse. Sask Roughrider season ticket holders received email from the Riders allowing the first 100 to reply to get an opportunity to attend wearing their Rider gear. Here is what the email said.

On November 15, 2016 @ 4:00pm be part of an important nationally broadcast CFL announcement at the Canadian Brewhouse at Grasslands in Regina! Wear your Rider Best and show your Rider Pride to the rest of the country! There will be a bonus prize package draw for one lucky fan!. Only 100 VIP invites are available so login to the portal and get your VIP invite before November 14.

Awarding the 2018 Grey Cup game there perhaps?

My guess is it's some sort of announcement of the CFL combine being moved to Saskatchewan. They wouldn't do the Grey Cup announcement at a place like Canadian Brewhouse.

Well obviously it will be the Atlantic Schooners. 8)

Just letting us know the grey cup is to be played in to at bmo

And they can play in the Old Mosaic until the new stadium is built on the East coast.


I figure 2020...

A Combine in Saskatchewan is a Major Announcement?

... but it's their 1 millionth combine of all the combines combined!

Rumour is: 2018 Grey Cup in new Taylor Field - new Mosaic.


Where can I buy my ticket now for it?

Toronto - that's how you sell out a Grey Cup.


2017 CFL combine will be held in Regina.

It would not surprise me that you are correct , but how the hell can a combine location be considered a MAJOR announcement and I think I read somewhere the announcement was going to be televised nationally.

I am hoping it is something BIG for the league , but knowing the CFL I am not holding my breath on that one!

I’ve heard from a very very reliable source that It’s no longer going to be called the combine because to many Saskatchewan farmers get confused and think it’s a farmers trade show. It’ll now be called CFL player testing. That’s the big news dropping a week from tomorrow at 10am eastern.

Looks like it'll be more than just the combine.

Arash Madani ? @ArashMadani
#CFL presser Tuesday in Regina not about Grey Cup. More with league business, and as @jdunk12 reported weeks ago, the combine is going there
4:08 PM - 14 Nov 2016

You Can Play Project @YouCanPlayTeam
Look out for a huge @CFL #YouCanPlay announcement tomorrow - Making history again with another first in pro sport!