Main problems with last night

1 Replacing Cavca with Diacowski. It was like wtf were you thinking charlie! Give your head an effin shake! I understand it was an import deal but why mess with a line that was playing like one of the best units in the league?

2 Creehan. His defence is utterly useless, everyone knows all his blitz packages and zones and he’s getting picked apart every week. Enough is enough get this guy out of here. We have ballers on defence but smart teams know how attack Creehans college style defence. The only teams his defence will have success against are e-tards like Burratto and Machoochio in Edmonton.

3 Moreno. He was great last year but he’s lost and slow, his tackling is sloppy and he’s making really weird decisions on defence. I’d give him one more week.

Moreno was great last year and non-effective this year. I don't believe that's down to the player. I see a lot of talent on this team on both sides of the ball. My main concern is the management, or mismanagement of that talent. We seem to be getting beat by players who weren't considered good enough to play for us. Why are they so good now?

And then what?

Replace him?

Yeah, that's a good idea....let's get rid of our best defensive player when every other area of our defence could use improving first.

You can't win games by yourself. It's a team game the last time I checked and I'd bet the farm that if Zeke had any kind of supporting cast on the DL or in the secondary (or even another LB that can play) we wouldn't even be talking about this.

Thats because they werent given the time to find themselves as football palyers. Notice a trend in Hamilton?

Dont blame Moreno. The defensive line is horrendous. Absolutely no pass rush and no run stuffers. Tell me how many times you heard Charlton Keiths name last night? How about Patrick or NML? Im not even sure who our other DT was?

And dont think Moreno's success last year didnt have anything to do with J. Armour being beside him. That took a big load off him. Good idea O.B. to tell Armour he wasnt in your plans....What are your plans by the way? KNowlton??



Zeke is missing a guy like Armour. I think right now his supporting cast isn`t very good. Like they say, a player is only as good as his surrounding team. Our defence as a whole was lousy.

I think

Creehan. His defence is utterly useless

Creehan's days are numbered....

To me it looked like the Cats were unprepared and after their shakey start they were trying to force plays which resulted in turnovers. Overall I don't think the Cats are as bad as they looked last night. Next week's game will be a different story!

I have never seen a team give up so many yards consistently with out making a adjustment. The quick pass in the flats was there all day, does it get any easier for a QB when their is no DB in sight. Creehan and not the talent on the field is directly to blame for the style of play we see on defense.

I agree that Armour is a huge upgrade over Mariuz, but I think Zeke's problem starts at the DL.

Although it would be nice to have that pairing again, I still think Moreno can be a stud with better help up front.

I think this is the argument for bringing Scott Coe back....if he's healthy... Mariusz plays the pass and outside well, but is not big enough or physical enough to stop the run...Coe becomes Moreno's running mate, like Armour last year, we get our best defensive player back AND maybe we keep two Canadian linebackers on the field, freeing Cavka up to play full-time...

And don't give up on big Pete...he has some learnin' to do, but he will be a good offensive lineman.

Amg wrote,

I agree that Armour is a huge upgrade over Mariuz, but I think Zeke's problem starts at the DL.

Although it would be nice to have that pairing again, I still think Moreno can be a stud with better help up front.

Good point. I don`t think our DL is bad but we need to do some major tweaking.

When`s the last time you saw a 4-3 rush. I miss that!!

Thats because they werent given the time to find themselves as football palyers. Notice a trend in Hamilton?
Flick was a thousand yard reciever before we even got him. Armour found himself as a football player and still we let him go. Wayne Smith is another we knew we could use. Kamau, Ralph, goss its a long list. anderson. The coaches and fans saw talent in anderson but the team was too lazy to work on his problems with him and now he would be our best corner. What do they have to show for any of them? Those guys didnt need time to find themselves as football players. anderson maybe but the problem is why do they let go players who were doing well here, just on a bad team. Ive heard every excuse there is for years. goss didnt want to be here, anderson was a distraction, armour was the ratio, flick wanted too much money etc. They have had good players here, they lose them and every time have another excuse why. Then they dont get decent return when they do trade them.

Actually I think it's the other way around. He might not be that bad on 1-on-1 coverage, but he clearly doesn't read the dump-off passes (flats and screens) very well and somehow on a passing play to his side of the field he is nowhere to be found.

His pass protection is awful and the only time I've seen him near the play is when they run the ball.

I agree Beet,

We have to hang to our players and let them develop. I think Gordon is going to be a real good DB. The same with our receivers Mitchell. Bauman looks like he could be the next Diepietro for us, Tre Smith will be great( I know he had a bad game last night)

Coaching on the other hand.... well we`ll have to wait and see.

The guys you name are what they are and we all knew that. The reasson that they excel elsewhere also has to do with the fact that they are allowed to play football. They are put into a situation in which the can excel. Chris Brazzell anyone. We play this guy at a spot where his skill set isnt utilozed properly then, when it doesnt work we just cut him. It wass ridiculous. Now that's a different coaching staff and management team so I will let that rest.

As for Armour, I'm not sure if it was the best move but the way our d was last year you surely can't blame Obie for trying something.

I personally dont blame the players. I blame the DC. He's not adjusting and putting the players in spots to excel.

I can most certainly blame Obie for spurning one of your top linebackers from last year purely for ratio reasons. Your D wasn’t great last year but that wasn’t the fault of the linebacking corps, which was a strength. Essentially, Obie made a change for the worse in your area of strength, and did nothing to improve the team in areas of weakness (defensive secondary, d-line).

I thnk our secondary will be fine, especially once the pass rush is fixed.

I still thnk Mariuz and Knowlton can do the job. Four games is hardly enough of a chance.

Thats looking at in hindsight. At the time he let Armour go I didn't like it. I still don't. But also at the time I don't fault him for taking a chance.