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A lot of morons ,going on about how Brink is concussed. When they have zero to back anything up. I may start a thread every time another teams QB takes a hit. Just start making stuff up?!

It seems you have reading and comprehension problems… I never said that Brinks was concussed… but if you read carefully enough you would know that… :roll:

Kasps, you've been around awhile...why are you surprised with this? Anything Bomber related on these boards (including our own) is fodder for idiots and trolls.

If you don't think he is concussed, then why on Earth are you concerned about him taking another hit? Are you going to say the riders should sit Durant incase he gets hit?

Well, if you want to believe Brink is 100% healthy, go ahead... HE says he is good to go, but then that could means a lot of things could it not? How many players say "they are good to go" only to get injured again...

Why are so many other fans calling him Brinks or Brinx??

It’s Brink!

I think his reading comp is fine. You might not have actually said he was concussed, but you for sure are alluding to it. (after carefully reading)

There sure is a lot of interest, concern, worry from other fans about our QBs.From what I've seen it won't take long for any of the 3 to be a bonafide starter. I think those other fans are worried.

Your still stating ,Brink is injured! PROOF? Whats the injury?

...The only injury Brink has is listening to Lapos coaching decisions :lol:

Funny how kasps said "a lot of morons" and you assumed he was referring to you.

Ricky Ray took some pretty hard hits tonight. I guess that means he shouldn't play next week on the off chance he got an owie.

The "owie" caused Brink to go 9 for 34... that speaks louder than anything I could say...

OK troll, produce something? Or keep making stuff up ! It's amusing ! SAMBO =0 CREDIBILITY

Watch the Brink hit again. When he gets hit, he’s out for about 10 seconds. He goes stiff as a board. He was concussed.
I’m no auto mechanic either but I know a flat tire when I see one :wink:

I was in a car accident, I received no injuries, should I wear a neck brace just in case?
The trolls on here are seriously out of control, I feel for you Bomber fans.

Were you knocked out cold during the car accident? The comparison is inadmissible, because Brink did indeed suffer an injury -- the loss of consciousness following a very hard hit, the result of which was him being taken off the field. Did he sustain a concussion? It's impossible for outsiders like us to tell, but it is certainly not outside the realm of possibility, and one would have expected the Bombers to err on the side of caution, particularly since they had to board a plane to travel to Toronto.

I'm not saying I think Brink definitely had a concussion, or that all hard hits taken automatically equal concussions, but it's not like fans had no reason to start this debate.

The Bombers have been living on borrowed time since making Pierce #1. With Pierce gone, Winnipeg is going nowhere. Who can you beat this year without a legit #1 QB?

You are correct, there was reason to start this debate. Continuing the debate with no evidence more than "Gosh darn it I know more than the player, coach or Doctor's because I saw it with my own eyes" is tiresome at best.

True enough, but equally tiresome, to my mind, is the blind faith in players, coaches, and doctors to be truthful about whether a concussion occurred, when sports history is rife with people keeping silent out of some code, or (in the player's case) concern over his job. Brink's miserable outing against Toronto hardly helps the case for him not having sustained a concussion the previous game.

Well it's not like he never had an outing like that before; wasn't he 4 for 15 or something in his first start? Last night, whoever's idea it was, he kept on throwing low-percentage long balls into heavy coverage, and ended up with a low percentage. Go figure.