MAIN EVENT: Roberts vs Williams

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In a league known for passing, they were two running backs who met in passing.

Toronto Argos' feature running back Ricky Williams and his Winnipeg Blue Bombers' counterpart, Charles Roberts, met for the first time yesterday, in advance of tonight's game at Canad Inns Stadium.

The gregarious Roberts is the opposite of the enigmatic Williams, whose responses leave his inquisitors perplexed. While Roberts is not afraid to speak his peace, Williams is all about peace and love.

Roberts, who led the CFL in rushing yardage last year with 1,624, walked over to Williams after the Bombers practised and before the Argos' practice, to introduce himself.

"I've never met him before," Roberts said. "He seemed like a good guy, there's no animosity or nothing like that obviously.

"He seemed like a good dude and I just wanted to meet him. He said, 'Hi, nice to meet you.' It was just a cordial greeting."

Roberts said he usually talks to the opposing running backs, but this meeting had a little more meaning. Roberts happened to be in college when Williams rushed for 2,000 yards with the University of Texas in 1998.

"(In 2002) when he was leading the league in rushing in the NFL, I was trying to run like him. He's a great running back. I'm a great running back, I think. People will see that (tonight)."

Roberts rushed a mere 12 times for 71 yards and caught three passes for 39 yards in the Bombers' 27-17 season-opening loss to the Montreal Alouettes. Critics pointed to the Bombers' decision to veer from the running game as a contributing factor to the loss.

Williams ran 18 eight times for 97 yards -- much of it in the second half -- and caught two passes for 24 yards in the Argos' season-opening 27-17 win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

"I'm not real anxious to outshine him," Roberts said. "It would be good to outrush him. I like to outrush any running back I'm head-to-head with. It would be a little extra, but other than that, I just want to do it for myself."


Williams tried to downplay the idea the game tonight is between he and Roberts.

"I'm not on the field when he's on the field, so I don't have much to do with that," Williams said. "But from what I hear all the guys say, he's the best back in the league. It will be fun for me to have a chance to watch him.

"I'm not an extroverted guy in that sense, I'm more introverted," Williams said of his demeanour to his opposing player the day before a game. "After the game, I'll probably comment on how well the other running back played because I have a lot of respect for the position. But I'm excited to see him play. The way the guys talk about him is something special."

Ricky Williams is a class guy. He's a little weird sometimes, but that's always been him.

A league know for passing but where running can be in many games very important to set up certain passing attacks.
Should be a good one tonight.

Argos win in a yawner. :wink:

I'm going to see Winnipeg play Toronto. Still a team sport.

i say that the bombers will win 30-24…but if its not that score, both teams will have over 20 points…it should be a good exciting game…and the blackout mite be lifted cuz its supposedly close to being sold out?

go C.R. go

lol i can live with C.R..just not 32..he better not change his number

I dont care what number he wears, aslong as he kicks ass each week

I think Charles Roberts will get more yards tonight, but this is going to be a good game.

I say Bombers win 31-25 and Kevin Glenn doesn't fall under the pressure.

No Fletcher in the Argos lineup is going to help CR, what did he have last time they played 176 yds rushing.....

After one quarter
Roberts 63 yards
Williams -2 yards


roberts is the best for a reason.

just too bad hes changing his number tho... alot of bombers fans have his jersey with #1 and must feel ripped off now. i know i would.

ps...kevin glenn looks good early again, for the 2nd week in a row...lets see how he finishes.


You really care what number he wares?????

roberts 89
williams 8

...well for all who watched...take notice ///the WPG. 'D' has arrived ...the offense not so much... Wynn and Glenn need some more reps....but i don't think Allen would have fared much better..we'll be a lot of trouble for those who do not believe in the Bombers ...its a start ...i think for guys like sambo....what do you think of Barrin Simpson now...he stuffed the big Ricky ...along with a very stellar performance by Doug Brown...and i would say Charles Roberts wins round one......go Big Blue :thup:

I think that my grand mother could have beaten the ARGOS tonight. A total team melt down.

No O LINE , NO Q.B. , NO RECIEVERS ...ect...

Roberts wins...Roberts wins...Ricky just might not be that good..hell Malveux caught him in the backfield...great play...Go Bombers..

I have to tell you that you are correct they sure were not prepared for this game. But give credit to the bomber defense. We will see a difference I am sure the next time they play. What the heck was Stokes doing tonight? B Levenigston would have been better!

Roberts rules!!! RW sucks!!! nuff said.

  1. Roberts
    cut from the team: Ricky Williams