main camp day 1

only saw abbout half of todays pracs... but just a quick sum from my view

-pierce hit everything today, looks confident, and is a leader on the field... hopefully he can stay healthy, he appears to be in good form... brink showed the arm we heard he had, and threw some real nice deep balls today... jyles and dimichele struggled a bit today

fred reid is his usual self, looked very explosive, and made a few nice grabs, ditto for bernard...

edwards proved his job is not in jeopardy, a few nice grabs and lots of quickness... bowman had one ugly drop, but his speed, size, and experience still really showed today, these two really stood out... watson continues to impress, ralph played very well imo too... hargreaves and arthur were pretty average at best today

butler is a beast.... look out cfl

hunt looked fast as ever, stripped the ball from one of the qbs

tate was very good again recording two picks, little suber had a decent day as well... brandon stewart and jovon johnson looked real sharp and ready to go, both were very loud on the d side and really into each situation...

Damn good news. I'm liking this East division a whole lot and I think we might be every bit as competititve as the West this year... :thup:

i hope the bb gel quickly with all the new faces.. would love to see a highly competitive east division again. only time will tell

Here's a link to Tait's impressions of day 1:

I applaud the 2,500 fans who were out there for an 8:00 a.m. practice. Wow!! right....Da ya think there's a bit of interest in the team... :lol: If these early indications of support translate into game attendance :thup: this bodes very well for the BigBlue this season...It looks as though we may have discovered some talent who will push for starting roles....You gotta luv it>>>> :rockin: I'm really liking this Watson kid... goBigBlue

u cant really say much because it is just day 1 but... i think from all accounts, jyles better play his butt off in the exhibition games.. thats what its gonna come down too. buck is number 1.. no doubt. who 2 and 3 are i think gets decided in the exhibition games.

The weather sure cooperated today and everyone was itching to watch some ball in the sunshine.

A great first day by all accounts.

Good turnout by the fans today too...good omen for the gate. It was nice to see the fans come back to this team...

so today was probably dimicheles worst day and brinks best.. pierce is pierce.

seems to me like jyles is struggling alot..

if he continues to struggle we should send jyles and ralph to toronto for some draft picks.

sounds like most consistent qb's have been pierce and dimichele with brink close behind dimichele. sounds like jyles is the worst of the bunch.. big arm but not much else..

it will be interesting to see what jyles dimichele and brink do in pre-season time.

dimichele had the best rookie camp of any qb when u average the performances... pierce really came on at the end tho... and was super sharp today... brink started slow but since has been very sharp too... jyles has really struggled every day imo... i only missed one day so far but the reports were still the same on jyles... he doesnt look into the game at all.. and has been poor... his experience gives him the easiest route to the #2 spot but hes going to have to prove hes somewhat capable eventually... as of right now (could still change) brink and dimchele deserve it more... wonder how itl play out

my dad knows a couple of the guys who are out there at camp and he was saying a few of them commented to him that jyles looks like he wants to be somewhere else.

my dad said it seems jyles might just be phoning it in because he doesnt want to play second fiddle and the other 2 kids (brink and dimichele) are content with sticking around regardless whether that be #2 #3 or even on the PR or IR. Jyles just i dunno seems like he could care less and if thats the best he's got after being in the league for 5 years or so... I think id rather take my chances with pierce brink and AD.

its possible he only signed here cuz he figured he's be handed the number 1 job but now... i would say he's 4th best.

the thing that bothers me most is guys like lawless on his radio show, saying buck or jyles. well heck man, what about brink or dimichele.. i mean really.. these guys talk about fans would accept 8-10 from jyles but not from buck.. why do they feel jyles deserves a break, him and buck are the same age, buck has been a starter for most of his career, jyles, a backup, with barely any significant playing time.. i just dont see the hard on certain ppl have for jyles.. i wouldnt accept 8-10 with jyles as our qb but with brink or dimichele i could... jyles is a known commodity.. he's a career backup.. HE IS WHAT HE IS.. brink and dimichele could be more. and if i had to bet, im guessing brink and dimichele is the long term answer to this club.. If im the coach, i have them right now ranked .1 pierce. 2. dimichele 3. brink 4. jyles. If camp means anything that is... jyles has been awful all of camp, the other 3 have been fairly consistent.. jyles has been consistently awful, why? shouldnt he be most familar with lapos offence? something aint right there.

Here's a link to a post at the Extra Point that has a link to some photos that were taken of day 1 of camp. They're great.

......Some great photos blueblood......With regard to the Jyles situation...and his seemingly indifferent play....Just go back to the day the qbs. were introduced...Jyles had just been informed that Buck had been signed...AND the look on his face during that introduction says it all....If he wants out of here....there's the door....He had every chance to compete on a level playing field for the no 1 job...IF he ain't good enough or he doesn't want to at least give it a 100 percent....SO LONG... :thdn:..We've learned the hard-way about handing guys the no 1 position on this club.. :wink:

OldBomberFan (the photographer) has posted pictures in the past. He is good. Hopefully he'll post more pictures from TC soon.

As for Jyles, I think I'll reserve judgment until the pre-season games.