Maier: 'We were craving something like this'

REGINA — Bringing a 1-3 record, a two-game losing streak and some offensive struggles that had been documented by their head coach into Week 6, the Calgary Stampeders knew they needed something big on Saturday.

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What I love about the CFL is that anything can happen. This week the writers with their “PREDICTIONS” were very wrong - they picked the Elks over Hamilton, Bombers over Ottawa and the Riders over the Stamps! I just love this league!

The only thing Jake looks to be craving are Big Macs :flushed:
He played one good quarter the rest pure dog crap :poop:

Everyone have their opinion and I’m not going to argue the point even if I think that individual is wrong. I believe Maier showed what he can do because he finally got receivers who could run their routes and get open plus managed to hold onto the ball. The O line started to give Maier a wee bit more time with better protection. Hopefully this trend continues and if the other players continue to do their job , I feel certain Jake Maier will do his.