Maier, Stamps hope to grow from WSF loss to Lions

VANCOUVER — Jake Maier knows that sometimes you need to take a step back to take two steps forward.

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They need more than one guy that can run and Bagelton on O

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Totally agree. It’s their offense that’s offensive. Jake needs more weapons. Most of the Stamps off-season changes will take place on one side of the ball.

Stamps will be in better shape so start 2024 than the Riders will be.
So will the Elk for that matter.

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That’s kinda sad from my point of view. Rider fans deserve better than what O’Day is capable of giving them… which is more of the same talent starved mediocrity.

not so certain that it is talent starved. They did play some great football games. And played some great 50 minute games too.
It is that last 10 minutes they gotta figure out. That is often on the coach and lack of key veteran presence??

It’s the offensive line in particular that’s always been talent starved in Regina these past few years. Closing out games would be easier going into the forth quarter if your road graders up front had the same horsepower Brady Oliveira raves about after every defense-crushing 100+ yard conquest.

Maybe I’m over simplifying things but it seems to me that if you want a team that closes well then you want a running game that’ll demolish a tiring defense. It all starts and ends with a dominating front five.

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Teams that win have stellar O and D lines

It ain’t all just a great QB … Put the top three QBs from any year and give them the bottom three teams lines and it would not be a pretty picture

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Yeah. I think that’s true in any league. Remember CFL/NFL fan fav Jeff Garcia? He went from stardom with the high flying 49er’s to mediocrity (and a broken leg) with the talentless Browns.

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