magic number for playoffs

After today's games, it would seem, subject to corection as this was done quickly, the Cats make the playoffs in these scenarios:

  1. Cats win all 3 remaining games, and Argos lose all 3 of their games

  2. Cats win all 3 remaining games and Esks lose all 3 of their games against BC, Calgary and Montreal

  3. Cats win all 3 remaining games and Esk lose 2 of their last three games.

  4. Cats win 2 of the remaining games, one being against Argos by over 9 points, and Argos lose all their games

  5. Cats win 2 of last 3 games and Winnipeg loses one game and Esks lose remaining three

  6. Esks lose remaining 3 games, Winnipeg wins their last 3 games, Cats beat Stamps and then the Argos by more than 9, and Argos lose all games, may create a 4 way tie with 14 points, and if I understand the rules correctly, Esks may get bumped out by virtue of a cross over from the east

I know it is optimistic but it seems if scenario #1 and #4 puts the Cats into second place to host a playoff game.

OK, 24 hours after the debacle against BC and here I am getting hopeful again. When will I learn?

I don't think it's a matter of you getting hopeful. I just think you have sobered up yet.

Reminds me of a play on a joke. There was this football team that drove me to drink......and I can't thank them enough

I am so sick of hearing about anyones optimism about this team. We've been hearing all these crazy what if stories since labour day and none of them have come true. The team has just done everything every negative poster like me said they would do, so why even try to stay positive now? Who seriously cares if they make the playoffs? They're not winning three road games that's for sure. Its time for these glass half full guys to give themselves a break and pour a little water out.

I mean no personal shot at you, middleguard.

Hard to believe but it was just a few months ago that we thought they'd finally be challenging the Als for 1st and a real shot at the GC.

Even if they make the playoffs, all it would mean is they'd play one more game this year. No way this bunch is going to the GC games except as spectators.

The magic number is 2013 because this season is toast.

An Argo-Cat fan

The funny thing is someone explaining how we can make the playoffs, like we didn't know that if we win two or three of the remaining games and Edmonton loses we are in. Like we are on a roll right now and Edmonton is in a tailspin.

8) I predicted back on Sept 20, on another topic, that we would be lucky to win 2 of our remaining 6 games.
   The Cats aren't disappointing me so far !!

    They won 1 game against Montreal, have now lost their past 2, and will be lucky to win even 1 of their last 3 games.

     Playoffs ???     Surely some of you jest !!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

     To quote the infamous Tiger Williams......This team is done, like dinner !!!

The mathematical gyrations are cute, but ultimately a waste of time. Truth of the matter is, we're toast this season. Maybe we'll get lucky and beat Winnipeg to avoid last place in the league, but I'm not counting on it. I'm going to the final game at IWS because of the memories and the unveiling of the all-time team, not because I expect it to make much difference in our playoff prospects.

X2. I purchased 5 extra tickets and will have the wife a day kids there. Do hope it will be a victory.

If Cortez had a shred of accountability in his bones we would have heard the truth by now ... and it would sound something like this ...