Maeko - a gem of a receiver!!!

Hey guys...

Im a long time BC fan writing this in Vancouver...I hope to hell you guys know what kind of weapon you have acquired with your new signing of Atnas Maeko. This guy is the real deal and if you can keep him, he will light of the offense!

I watched this kid in the BC highschool ranks...followed his CIS career somewhat...then saw some highlights of him this past year in the AF2 - and he was UNREAL!

BC drafted him a few years ago then had to release him as he was the odd man out amongst their amazingly deep receiving core...and he has been busting his ass to get another chance in the CFL.

Put him in the game this week against BC and, if he gets some throws, he will show you some of the best hands & wheels you have seen in ages!

Consider yourself lucky, Hamilton!


Welcome HailMary. Thanks for the heads up. Definatley worth looking out for.

Here's hoping he's not another Andrew English.

Atnas is that you?? :wink: Kidding. Welcome to the site HM. I did read up on this guy when the signing was announced and his stats in AF2 were definately quite impressive. I'd love to see if he can do as well in the CFL.

Well, if the author of this article isn't embellishing too much, then Hail Mary may be speaking the truth.

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Sounds like he's got his head squarely on his shoulders and doesn't have an attitude. Let's hope we get to see him play this weekend.


Originally drafted by BC, just like alot of other familiar names!!!

1986 Paul Osbaldiston
1990 Carl Coulter
1994 Mike Morreale
Stefan Ptaszek
Trevor Shaw
1996 Andrew English
2000 Adriano Beli
2001 Jamie Boreham
2003 Carl Gourges
2004 Troy Cunningham
Oshiomogho Atogwe

I think I read somewhere he was accidentally put on the draftable list after his freshman year, then was actually drafted and nobody realized the mistake until afterwards. It's possible that there is some legitimate confusion about his actual birthdate. That has happened with many refugee orphan children from countries in Africa - they don't know how old they are.


Well thats exactly the case…he DOESNT know exactly how old he is!

He was a refugee when he first came to Canada…the Globe & Mail did a cover story on him a couple years back…its unbelievable what he’s been thru…and he takes nothing for granted out there, so definately no attitude there.

As an athlete, he is as raw and gifted as they come.I hope the ti-cats put him in the game this week and chuck him a few balls!


Wow .... that is great news. Lions fans loved his effort and attitude

Craig Smith will know him well

He once fought Carl Kidd at training camp ... and Kidd called him .... a player!

Welcome back to the CFL ... Atnas

that's the hard part around here.
It doesn't matter how good he is , PaoPaos offence consistantly throws above , below , or behind the recievers.

PaoPao's arm ruined this season.

Damn that PaoPao.

As I mentioned in another thread a while ago, some good things were said about Maeko by members of And you can click here to check that out. And he has been through quite a bit of adversity, as you can see if you click here.

Anyway, hopefully Maeko will get at least some playing time versus the CFL team that cut him.