Madu out / Carter in for MTL Game

On Tuesday, the TiCats activated, from the PR, RB Delone Carter and DE Sam Scott. Then, transferred Scott, along with RB Mossis Madu to the Injured List. Also, as the month of expanded PRs came to and end, released from the PR, to bring it back the maximum of 10, were NAT RB Bo Palmer, NAT FB Isaac Dell and INT LB Donovan Richard.

Good to see Delone Carter get in there, I like his style, if only the O-line can open some holes I can see both him and Grigsby running wild. :thup:

Wow the Cats sure have their problems with Half Back injuries this year, Gable, Madu in and out, good thing we have Carter and Grigsby and others to back up, we'll need them against Montreal and on ward.

I like Cater's size though, he's a beast and certainly should help on short yardage situations and in the red zone, let's just score more TD's than field goals!!


Understatement. :wink:

Fantuz back this game? please say yes

From what Austin said after practice yesterday, it sounds like he is questionable that he will start.

Fantuz was practicing today and then spent time on the trainers table
We can only hope!

From Milton,

[b]After watching Ticats practice it's still difficult to predict whether Andy Fantuz will play Saturday afternoon's must-win game against Montreal. He practised, but also spent time on the trainer's table during "team" sessions at end.

Fantuz has the status that he could miss a week of practice and still be in the starting lineup...and the Cats are 3-7 without him since he joined the team three years ago.

No real other news from practice other than one of the team buses had a breakdown and the players on it had to "do a neighbourhood walk" to the stadium. They ran onto the feeling yelling once they got there.

Players who were on maintenance days yesterday were all helmeted and on the go, with Carter and Grigsby obviously the tailback duo for the weekend.[/b]

doesn't sound good for Fantuz :cry:

If he's on the field tomorrow he's playing.

fingers are crossed. breathe being held!

Has it been reported anywhere that Madu is, in fact, injured? His name wasn't among the list of those who didn't participate in the Day 1 practice on Tuesday. Did he get injured in the game @ Ottawa? Or, is his move to the Injured List just a coaching decision to favour Grigsby and Carter for this game?

Madu is a playmaker. Don't like this at all.

Madu got crunched pretty good at the end of the third I believe it was. He went down and called for the trainers, he then decided to get up and run off on his own but didn't do so well and ended up doing a walk familiar to someone leaving hess village at 2am. looked like a concussion to me. Scary stuff, I hope hes ok.

With the way Madu staggered off the field, he would have to undergo the CFL mandated Concussion protocol.

The Concussion protocol follows the SCAT2 procedure.
He will be out until completely symptom free

FYI this is the evaluation

[url=] ... /SCAT2.pdf[/url]

If you're with a cable company that lets you watch TSN Go, watch from about the 10:30 mark of this:

Madu was wobbly, but said it didn't feel like a concussion to him. Dr. Levy may disagree.

The words of the Spec's Drew Edwards make it appear, to me, that sitting Madu is not all about injury. and we're likely to see Fantuz back.

Copied here, in part, from The Scratching Post, November 6/14:

" ............ if they manage to get a lead as they did the only other time they played Montreal (a 38-31 loss on the second weekend of September), they [need to] protect it like it's their birthright.

So, enter Nic Grigsby and Delone Carter as the tailback combination for the first time this season, and enter the daily angst around Andy Fantuz's sore right leg.

Fantuz has missed two-plus games with the injury and the offence isn't the quite the same without his possession-reception game, which was quite noticeable in the loss to the Argos two weeks ago.

Kent Austin was unable to say for sure Wednesday whether Fantuz would play Saturday, but our guess is that unless he rides to Tim Hortons Field in an ambulance, he'll be in uniform.

If Fantuz doesn't play, that's one less major tool to help preserve a lead, and a major shortfall in the tools required to build one in the first place.

At tailback, the Cats have several choices who've played this year, including Sam Ojuri and the promising Mossis Madu who is on the injury list, but isn't too seriously hurt.

But they're going with two tailbacks (it's not certain who'll actually start) who were not even with the team only a month ago. That's all you need to know about the season-long state of the non-quarterback running game, since CJ Gable was hurt early.

Grigsby and Carter offer different skill sets and who's in at any one time will likely reflect game situation and field position.

"Everybody has seen Grigsby up here," says quarterback Zach Collaros of the ex-Bomber who was the CFL's fourth-leading rusher when Winnipeg released him three weeks ago. "He's pretty elusive with the ball in his hands. He does a real good job catching the ball out of the backfield, he's a shifty guy.

"I haven't seen Delone since college, other than when he played for us in the Ottawa game. But he's a downhill runner. He likes contact and he'll bring the hit to the guy."

It helps the collective psyche that the last two games the Cats won, admittedly both against Ottawa, they've unveiled impressive overland marches to control the ball in the dying minutes, with the tailback carrying the mail most of the way.

Last Friday in Ottawa that tailback was Grigsby. Two weeks earlier it was Carter.

Now they're dressing for the same game for the first time. Those two finishes are among the reasons why.