Madu & Grigsby

Interesting to see both Mossis and Nic together in Ottawa these days. Madu, who was added to the RB's PR just over a week ago is expected to be their running back against Calgary on Friday and Grigsby is now next in their line of ball carriers, added to the PR there a couple of days ago. Their #1 at the position was to be William Powell, who was lost for the season with an achilles injury, in the pre-season, and his replacement, Travon Van, may be out for several weeks now with a knee injury. GM Desjardins has done pretty well with the former TiCats he's brought in -- Burris, Williams, Ellingson, Gascon-Nadon. Of course, he did well with the last one of those four even before luring him to Ottawa. :roll:

I remember all kinds of people saying what a disaster Desjardins was when he was GM in Hamilton. He was basically run out of town, had to return to his old job in Montreal as assistant GM. He's done very well with the RBs in a short period of time.

This was more of a fact than a statement of opinion. His tenure here was a disaster. Could have been the hand he was dealt (did anyone predict the self-destruction of both Maas and Printers?), but probably at least partly due to the way he played the cards.

The RedBlacks love taking on XTiCats and making the Ham management look bad, Desjardins revenge. The BlackGolds will get even with them eventually, :thup:

I remember a classic quote of our then GM. He said Import receivers were very easy to find.
It ended up being his single biggest downfall while here. He did not have good enough receivers.
FF a few years. Experience is a wonderful thing. And yes having Ellington and Chris Williams makes him a good GM.

While Desjardins perhaps gets a little more flack than he deserves for his performance as Ticats GM, his success with Ottawa so far should be taken with a grain of salt. He benefited from an expansion draft that was intentionally designed to make his team competitive as quickly as possible (they still went 2-16 in their first year, but with an all-new roster and all-new coaching staff, it was perhaps unrealistic to expect more in the first year of operation).

He also benefited from the fact that a HOF (but old) veteran quarterback became available through free agency at a time when most teams already had other plans at QB, and lucky for Desjardins, Burris rose to the challenge. And Desjardins had already had the luxury of acquiring a veteran QB through the expansion draft (Glenn, who was subsequently traded for a first round draft pick, which Desjardins then traded for additional lower picks). Give Desjardins credit that betting on Burris payed off, but it's not like he had a ton of other options.

Contrast this with his time as GM in Hamiton, where rather than an expansion draft plus Henry Burris, Desjardins was saddled with a team with a large number of overpaid underperformers, and an overall lack of talent depth. Even Caretaker has mentioned that at one point in the 2000s, there had been serious talk within the league about restocking the Cats via what I'll refer to as a "transfusion draft" (which I believe Bob said he was against) because the financial instability that preceded Bob's ownership had left the team in such dire on-field shape.

But he did what a good GM should do, after the terrible first season he went out and got the best receivers available to give Burris some weapons. He also got some decent running backs after Chevon Walker didn’t perform.
As for underperforming of players etc I think you forget that it’s not the GMs job to coach and train these guys he just finds the players for the coaches and it’s up to the coaches to develop the players.

My point about underperforming players was not to assign blame to Desjardins, but to describe the unfavorable conditions he had to work from here. Though in the long-term (which Desjardin didn't have in Hamilton), underperforming players ARE the responsibility of the GM, because he is responsible not only for finding and hiring the right players, but also finding and hiring the right Head Coach. This is the exact reason Wally Buono has taken back the coaching reigns in BC.

Ultimately I don't think Desjardins was fired for merely failing to turn the Ticats around in a short period. I think the Cat brass concluded, for reasons other than what was directly measureable in on-field performance, that they didn't think he was the right guy going forward. Based on reports of the actual circumstances of his termination, I imagine Desjardins is likely justified in thinking that he was treated unfairly, even if he had been the wrong guy for the job.

Maybe there were lessons learned from his rough time in Hamilton that better prepared him for the eventual Ottawa gig.

If one learns from one's mistakes usually you do better in future. Perhaps this is what happened to M/D? :wink:

I was a big fan of madu - he was an exciting player to watch

I agree with you. I don't say he was terrific in Hamilton. But I do think he was given a very rough ride. Absolutely the team decided he wasn't the guy for the job. Maybe they were right. But that doesn't mean he was a bad manager per se, and I don't think he was as bad as a lot of fans on this forum said during his time here.

I do believe he has learned from his time in Hamilton. Yes, he had help in the expansion draft, but he's made some good moves in Ottawa. I would imagine Ottawa would think he is the right guy for them at this point, and the team's progress would bear that out.

He picked 24 players, many second stringers, as the teams were able to protect most of their starters. And then he scrambled to fill out the other 22 players on the Redblacks roster from free agents and his CIS draft picks. Actually more than 22, as a couple retired and one demanded a trade. And the team went 2-16 that year.

By the end of the 2015 season, half of those 24 expansion picks were no longer with the team. And they went to the Grey Cup game.

So tell us again, how much of the team's success was due to the expansion draft? And how much was due to Desjardins' ability to find and sign good players and coaches?

I for one was pretty impressed that he was able to sign an all-star roster of free agent receivers, among his other signings last year, without going over the salary cap. I'm not saying I believe the last part of that sentence, but nonetheless it was impressive.

:thup: :wink:

Grigsby will be starting ahead of Madu tomorrow

Also Bakari Grant will start at SB for CGY in OTT tomorrow

I personally will be cheering for BG on October 1. He was my favourite player while here. :rockin:

Oh By the Way, Grigsby gave up his job selling Kia's in Florida to go to the Redblacks

For a guy that has been out of football selling cars I thought he did an amazing job - 103 combined yards.
All the predictions about Messam running over the RBs he rushed for 32 yards

By the way, Grigsby is selling cars at the Kia in Cape Coral which is owned by "Billy Fucillo" the guy that does the "HUGE" routine on the Buffalo TV stations . If you buy or lease a kia from him you get a free Carribean cruise.

I wish the QB kept it or Lafrance was given the ball from the 1 . They were asking too much of Grigsby too soon .

Yes, they had so many opportunities to win that game. His fumble, the drop by Ellingson on the last play, the dropped int by the DB that would have won the game in overtime, the missed FGs and missed PAT by Milo, the bad int in the end zone on the pass from Harris. You could blame 5 different players for not winning the game.
It was like they wanted Calgary to win the game.