Madu done for the year

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 22m22 minutes ago
Coach Austin announcing Madu Jr. Requires surgery, done for the year.. Thus the additions to the RB room #Ticats

Man, that is too bad. RBs that can't stay healthy. Grigsby signing just became more HUGE than when it happened. This should also give Holley (sp) a good chance to show his stuff.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 29m29 minutes ago
#Ticats RB @MossisMadu has a shoulder injury suffered in training camp. It will require surgery and he will miss the 2015 #CFL season. :expressionless:

Two RB's down to injury in camp, Madu gone for the year and Gable for 4-5 weeks tough situation. Agree glad they signed Grigsby end of last year and we have Woodson, Hollis and the new player to break in, hopefully all will stay healthy!

This Hollis looks good, has many good qualities from watching him in the preseason game and he can fill different roles on the team from RB to receiver to returner.


Grigsby my tiger friends is called the real deal he can’t block that well but so what , he stays healthy and is a north south RB that can get 100 yds a game rushing this signing last year has paid huge dividends for our team :thup: :thup:

Not Magic Madu!!! :thdn:

Kent please get these guys some bubble wrap.

Get better Magic, we need you!

Can't block that well and hands of

But I'm glad we have him. :thup:

If there is a silver lining in all this is that we get to see more of Holley.

He will need a nickname though. Since his name changes in every thread :lol:


Or guy.

I'd sign Chad Kackert. He's sitting at home in Toronto waiting for some team to call and give him a chance. If he's 100% healthy, he's better than what the Cats have now.

An Argo-Cat fan

I guess you missed the joke. I was having a bit of fun by giving him the nickname of "Buddy Holley"...

The Argos love Kackert … even made him a Coach last year when he couldn’t play.

If the Argos don’t want him back then clearly he is not fit to play football.

Haha yah I did miss it :oops:

Madu on 6 game IR

get better Magic :thup:

He’s on the 6 game IR because there’s no 18 game IR. He’s out for the season with shoulder surgery. But definitely agree. Get better - and see you next year.

I’m just thinking about how many promising RBs we’ve lost to injuries recently. Jesse Lumsden, Terry Grant, Lindsay Lamar, Kenton Keith,… I’m sure there are others.