maddens 2004 cfl rosters

Hey guys I'm looking for some one with maddens 2004 rosters or any years maddens rosters for ps2. I'm living in korea and the only cfl action I get is playing video games or tuning into the internet for the broadcast. But i'm 12 hours ahead so I have to wake up at night to hear the games. I just hope someone has worked on this and can help me. Man I miss the cfl so much. :cry: Hope the ti-cats can turn around their season, and hope Jones does a good job for them .

Madden IS a dirty word here , as he is the NFL… :wink:

Last game BIG MAC was great , but his recievers couldn’t catch the ball…K. JONES , will only help them if they catch the ball. :smiley:

I know madens is a bad word i’m a die hard CFL fan. But until I live in Canada again I have to get my football kicks. And unfortantley maddens is the only way I can for now. And updates on anway hope someone can help with my problem.

dose anyone have the 2004 madden rosters of the CFL? im also looking for them!