Madden (Tigercats Attributes Help

I am making the tigercats in my Madden 2006 game since i don't have 2007 yet and i was wondering if someone can help with with my attributes to make them realistic. First off heres the Offense

Also what position in canada is considered Tight End?

Your kidding, Right????

you have it all wrong man, like you have Jason Maas's passing accuracy at 84 but it should be like 0, all he threw to was Argo players, thats not accurat at all.

lol funny cause I did the same with the tigercats...but instead of creating Jason Maas, I created myself because at this point...I'm a better quarterback than him, lol just kidding, but he still stinks...and dont ask me for my attributes because I just guessed on all of them

98 Throw power for Jason Maas? You might wanna fix DJ's speed of 56

yea your attributes are a little messed.

And slotback is pretty much tight end I guess

Or not its hard to compare...tight end pretty much either blocks or runs shorter yardage routes....

Yah these were all guessaed at so they will be messed I got the defense part finished

As well as what should DJ's speed be at?

hahaha not 56 the way you have it Marwan Hage is faster then Dj Flick?