Madden or Walby

Listening to John Madden do the color color commentary on ABC reminided me of how much I don't like listening to football games on ABC. And then a thought came to mind. Who would you rather have? Madden. (The man who would win the "Captain points-out-the-obvious-alot-and-doesnt-seem-to-have-much-football-knowledge-period" award 10 years running or Walby "period"? And this is a "if you were forced to pick" question.

First off Madden has no knowledge of the CFL so it is a no milkman I mean no brainer!

madden could make comments like...."regina...hahaha, funny name".
as most americans make fun of regina.

What is a regina?

No one is worse then Glen Suitor.

Probably should have clarified but I meant them in their own environment. Not brining Madden to the CFL or Walby to the NFL (he could go though. I'm sure we wouldnt mind)

Madden is like Don Cherry

An overpaid moron that's fun to watch make an ass of himself.

This coment has been in the MAdden football video game series for the last 3 years:

“90% of the game is half mental”

I mean come on. Thats the kind of logic saskargo uses

I don’t mind Madden…If he saw how good the CFl was…oh the possibilities…LOL

Walby has the most difficult voice to listen to. He just sounds like a big dummy, I cant believe he has commentator job. Madden is the king