Madden Curse

Brett Favre is on the cover of madden 09, and unless he "un-retires" will the curse end?

I read about this the other day. Looks like he retired just in time. :lol:

Maybe it's EA's new plan to put a stop the whole curse talk. Start putting retired players on the cover. That would cool, seeing a madden cover with walter payton or Bo Jackson on the cover. :thup:

Joe Montana!

Bo Jackson? You must have been joking.

Walter Payton would be cools. But they would needs to have some type of retro season or retro edition to pulls it off correctly.

How about Madden from his coaching days?

But Noah Madd think Brett Favre is a greats choice.

Putting Brett Favre on a Madden 09 game
really makes no sense.

The game is called "09"...
but it gets released for the 08 season...
and uses players from the 07 season.

Realistically, calling it "08" again
would be a bit of a stretch, wouldn't it?

If I want to play a game using the
2006 Eagles roster with QB Jeff Garcia,
then I actually have to play Madden 08 ??

That makes sense ... I think.


It's been done.

I don't even buy that crud anymore. Weak, weaker, weakest yearly rip off out there.


You just lost whatever remaining credibility you may have had with that statement.

The curse has been broken twice already. Eddie George on Madden 2001 and Vince Young on Madden 08.

Are you sure...?

Young threw for 2,546 yards and 9 TDs and 17 INTs. Seems his only good stat was his 62% completion percentage.

He only rushed for 3 TDs last season, 4 less than his rookie year.

Not exactly stellar numbers...

Admittedly it was not a great year however he led them to the playoffs and I guess when I think Madden curse, I think more of the devistating injuries that have happened to players that have been on the Madden Cover. For example Ray Lewis breaking his arm and not recording an Int after he had i think it was 5 the year before, Vick fractured his fibula, McNabb with the sports hernia, Alexander with his foot injury after setting the record that LT broke anyways and then Faulk and Culpepper are in there as well with their injuries(I think ankle and back respectively). I see what you are saying about less than stellar numbers but he did have a higher completion %, more yards thrown for and a better qb rating...I was looking more at the injuries I suppose.

You have a point. He made it through the season unscathed. I think he had a couple minor injuries, but nothing like the other guys.

Yep, he tweeked his quadricep. Only missed one game vs Houston but other than that he just had the usual bumps and brusies qb's get during a season. You are right too, he certainly was not stellar.

Although Vince's injuries were minor, they were still injuries and thus the curse lives on. BE CAREFUL BRETT!


He's gonna blow a hamstring in a charity game....the curse lives lol

He's coming back, the curse will live on!

Madden has 3 chins!!!!!

Where was that pictur taken.... it looks like West Edmonton Mall or some kind of man made cave..... Anyways you look very sexy LOL

In the one game Farve missed the second half…his back up came in and threw 3 touchdowns… Farve is being a selfish A-hole by coming back… You’ve made you money…now let someone else!!!