Madden CFL Project.. for madden 08

I am looking for Madden Fans Love The CFL
One From Each CFL Team
They will Help Produce a Working CFL Roster with Madden 08
Once that is done
I will add a Few more Teams From The CFL Past and Some Fictional Teams

I will then Be looking for coaches to start league.
People who help with the Rosters have 1st Shot at teams.

The League will be Coach Mode only.
We Will Be Play 3 Down Ball
If Gamble on 3rd and Lose you must take a knee on 4th.

Sign up here if like to Join Up or PM me ..
I will Send you the Graphic Files and Roster.
You will have to edit your Team.

Teams Gone :Hamilton

Teams Open

EAST : Toronto Montreal Winnipeg

West: BC Calgary Edmonton Saskatchewan[/b]

Im Doing almost the exact same thing. I have finished the rosters and my league website is here ... d0b1f3a03a

Now i just gotta get some people to join and i can start. If you want our Roster you can have it.

Is the league a Coach mode league ?
Do you have a Hamilton Owner?

Its not Coach Mode but we dont have a Hamilton Owner Yet.

So can you guys explain to me what your trying to do. Do I have to go out and buy an xbox or something. Sorry I have no clue but I would be interested. Also not much computer knowledge.

Well if you want to know w=more about MY project just email me at I dont want to steal any potential members from Onknight.

you wanna support the cfl don't buy madden it sux it's all about ncaa '08 i will never buy a madden game