Madden CFL League

Hello out there, this post applies to anyone who has Madden 2005 for the computer who loves to play football and loves the CFL. The commish of the league, Jon Mintram, has created all 9 teams, jerseys and stadiums. He keeps track of stats, standings and power rankings. We usually have articles every couple of weeks on players and coaches, and it was a blast to play in the first season.

We are looking for people to play asap, because we are starting season two pretty quickly. As a coach, you can choose a team, of the ones that are left, and try to win the Grey Cup after playing the exact schedule of this year.

The competition is pretty tough, so you must be good at the game, but really anyone who is interested, please check out the CMCFL website

and email the commish, if your interested in joining or have any questions on the rules. We play one game a week, and it is very convenient for all involved. You just email the coach you have to play that week and arrange around your schedules.

You can also sign up on the left side of the main page on the website...feel free to check out the layout and various articles, we need a few dedicated coaches for next season.

So sign up quick, the spots may fill up fast!

We knew already but thanks for trying.......I guess. I just have two questions. Are you an actual poster or did you just sign up to do this? and is this the same guy who made the CFL history site?

I'm not sure what your talking about, so I'm going to say no. Sorry if the commish has already posted in this forum, but since we are starting our second season we need some coaches to play. This league is for real, just check out the link for the website.

BTW, sorry about making the same post twice...the mods can delete the other one if they want. I signed on to this site to see if there are any people interested in joining a madden league, I never made a CFL history site.

We knew about the site and not from the commish. Other people just brought it to our attention and yeah I'd join if I had a good computer and a copy of the game. If you can supply me with those then I'll be ready and willing.

Hey there, this is the Commish of the CMCFL! The game can be bought from Futureshop or Best Buy for a meesily $20 so it is affordable! =0) As for the computer.. what do you have? I suppose playing games on a crappy PC would definitly hinder anyone from performing well enough to compete.. though we had someone on a 1Ghz, 1G RAM, 64M Video card playing and he competed ok.. he had to turn the settings down big time...

Anywho.. we need serious coaches! Sign up on the site everyone!


CMCFL Commissioner

Wasn't there another guy that poster another CFL madden site with Calgary and Hamilton in there old unifroms in Maddamation?

The site actually looks very well done and it seems like a good league. If anyone else wants in, it should be a blast. wouldn't that be awesome if there was actually someone from say Edmonton playing as the Eskimos.

madden 2005? thats already a year old, if you had said madden 2006 i would jump aboard, but i havn't got 2005 yet. I'll see if i can find a copy and get back to you...

I was hoping this was about getting a game for the Xbox with CFL teams and rules. Man, would I love to play that game..... the riders might even win! :slight_smile: