Madden 2010 Ticats

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hey kinda randum but I just thought you guys would want to see what the cats would look like in a video game. Well the best I could do anyways lol!!

I've been debating the purchase of an Xbox 360 for a few months now. I think I'm nearing the point of actually buying it!

My question now is...

Has anyone created the Ticats and if so... is there a way that I'd be able to download it or something?

The link doesn't work for me.

If you buy NCAA Football 10, You can create the Ti-Cats here...

Using this web site you can upload ANY picture you want for your schools Logo. You can also edit the entire roster also..

If you would like an example when on this site go to Browse schools, in the Author search type in GBonds.. This will bring up all my created schools and you can view every CFL team which I have edited all their rosters and tried to create all their jersey's as accurate as possible(with the exception of the second or away alternate jersey.)

I hope you guys enjoy checking out my teams, Also if you own a 360 or PS3 and buy a copy of NCAA Football 10 you can download and use them in you own season(Dynasty Mode) You can even create your own conference with all the CFL teams in it.. Just use the Big East Conference which only has 8 teams in it.

This link doesnt work.
But ive seen it before it is really cool,i tried to do it myself but it didnt work lol but im not the best at computer stuff lol
I think they should have the cfl hook up with madden so people in canada could play with cfl rules and teams

HEY SORRY GUYS! i tried to send the link from my iphone i guesse she didnt work out to well lol.

ok well here is the clip ive made. its jst deandre cobb running against the titans. ive created every player and tried my best to make the stadium as close as it can get to nfl standerds lol. check it out. looks pretty neat!

Looks good,but there is another on that has all the cfl team logos,and the field has the cfl logo in the middle.


If I Buy anything it will be a Playstation 3 Cause of the Blueray Player
Why would buy X box that no Blue Ray in it
The Playstation is better

Well, I've been doing Madden versions of Cats on the PC and PS2 since Madden 2003, so I might be able to help here. :wink:

I've just put up some screenshots of various editions of my Cat teams..check it out at ... rters.html .

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For an excellent depth chart to use as a template for making a Ticat all-star team, check out Zuger9's All-Time Ticat Depth Chart (1950-present) which I have posted on my Madden blog at ... +Chart.jpg .

Much appreciation has to go to Zuger9 for his efforts in marshaling member feedback on in the early days of the site to hammer out a depth chart.

Basic vital statistics and university information for many of these greats can be found at ... -2004.html .

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I think that is from a PC version of Madden 2008. I could be wrong though. It was much eaiser to modify/import/edit artwork on the PC platform. I have a PS2 but I haven't used an online connection for it.

There are plently of artwork files out there. One site I recommend is for PC users. Tons of custom artwork!

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