Madden 2007

See, with 2K4, you just turn the dang cap off. LOL

I get the gymnastics you describe, since I have played the Raiders with a few souped-up created players in the past and got them signed into a cap-based franchise mode in a similar way to what you've described.

Thanks for the head's up. I intend to get Madden 2K7 with an X-box in the fall, so I will try to build a franchise in an equivalent fashion.

Oski Wee Wee,

Now being a Rams fan, I so hope Shaun Alexander falls to the madden curse. Oh, there's a really good Tiger logo in the Madden games that you can use for the Tiger-Cats.

I have vintage-logo Tiger-Cat art I use for Madden 2004 that I slightly adapted from Glenn Sheppard's contributions on I altered the gold used in it to reflect the gold used by the team pre-1985. :wink:

When I get a thumb's up from the Cats re the issues I raised in my Madden 2004 Ticat thread, I will upload my material to a Madden site so that fans will have access to what I've created.

Oski Wee Wee,

Another point re Madden 2K4: since the cap can be turned off, one is able to keep a fundamental continuity on their Ticat created team from year-to-year in franchise mode. For me, that is the main advantage in using Madden 2004 in coach mode.

There are slider issues. I have a clear capacity to blow out the CPU head-to-head with the roster I’ve created. However, the sliders I’ve come up with ensure that against playoff-grade opposition, the margin is within two touchdowns under normal playing conditions. And yes, I have had losses with the team I’ve created, so the realism aspect is there despite the jacked-up player ratings.

I will include the final patch for Madden 2K4 in the zip file when I upload it.

I don’t believe there would be any issues re using that roster in subsequent PC versions of the game. If anyone anticipates a formatting issue re using a 2K4 created-team in 2K7, please give me a head’s up on that.

Oski Wee Wee,

It wont work if you try it on a different system. And I know in the PS2 version you can't upload logos and such. The CAP wont be a problem after as you can just continue signing 7 year contracts. I remember your Madden 04 gallery. It was good, but it wont work on a Console like that. I think everyone uses sliders. All-Pro is too easy, All-Madden too hard. So Sliders with All-Pro.

I understand that. I use Pro setting in Coach Mode though because it allows for more realism re differences in individual player attributes re personnel package match-ups. If one is a gamer controlling players in-play, then the higher levels are a better bet.

I bought my nephew a copy of 2K4 for PS2 a couple of Xmases ago, so I hear you re the logo issue. Big advantage for us PC users to be able to put in our own artwork.

Oski Wee Wee,

Any 1rst gen. XBOX livers out there? If so, bring it! Gamertag:RIFRAL

I have started a new web blog featuring my all-time Hamilton Tiger-Cat all-star roster. I've posted some screen captures of game action from an earlier incarnation of the team. It is similar to a fan gallery of pics I posted here on in 2004.

I hope you get to enjoy the screen captures and some of my Ticat-related commentary there!

Oski Wee Wee,

Was just courious i was at my friends house today who got it for 360 and u can't create a team jw if anyone had it for regular xbox and can the regular xbox version create teams in it?

You can't create-a-team in the Next Gen. Versions? That's poor, you can in PS2/XBOX versions.

Hi folks,

Adam Provost of the Tiger-Cats has given me a written all-clear to submit my Madden 2004 roster (with retro ticat artwork) for distribution. I have submitted my zip archive to a Madden gaming site and await acceptance of that submission. When the file is up online, I will post a link here so fans of Madden 2004 and other PC versions of the game can access my material.

Oski Wee Wee,


My all-time Hamilton Tiger-Cats team roster file and artwork is now at at ... osters.htm .
The file is called at is currently listed first on the download list.

All relevant info is included. For any additional help, feel free to e-mail me! Enjoy!

Oski Wee Wee,

Please note the roster was made for the PC version of Madden 2004. Your results may vary. :wink:

who bought madden 07? if u did tell me its amazing, im like glued to the tv, its wow graphics n gameplay wow.. madden's made a big comback since 06.

$44.83 at Wal-mart.

My ETA on Madden 2K7 is between my brithday in October and Xmas – I want to buy a PS3 or X-Box for that. :wink: Hope others will fill us in on how it plays!