Madden 2007

whos pumped abuot this game tomarrow! i am, preordered… i know most of u might not like video games but this one looks amaznig

it no good for Coach Mode..
it's 2k6 with a Patch and Bells

2k4 is still the best for coach mode

I got sick of Madden with 2006. I found that the computer was awful on offense, and I would score most of my points on turnovers returned for touchdowns. I tried messing with the game settings but it wouldn't work.

I win every game on all pro, and lose every game on all madden (by a score of like 7-3). It just gets boring.

Oh, and stupid bugs like not having the players block on punt returns are absolutely inexcusable in a football game. So unless i hear different, I'm saving my money this year.

I look forward to this day every year, and I've never really been dissapointed.

i was dissappointed with 06 for the xbox 360, i found the graphics good gameplay horrible. but i seen some gameplay videos of o7 n it looks alot like 05, that was the best year for madden

That's another one of my problems...I just have a ps2. they don't care about us current-generation gamers anymore :frowning:

Actually, according to my sources :stuck_out_tongue:, I hear that current gen verisons will be just as good gameplay wise as next-gen. Like Blitz21 said, 06 on the 360 was awful. It was much worse than the Ps2 and Xbox versions.


actually, current gen madden games are extremley better then the nex gen for 360, in current gen u have allstart mode and a great franchise mode. in next gen, none of that well thy have a franchise mode but its weaaaak, this madden 07 for next gen supose to be better with the creat-a-player but still no allstart mode. ill find out more tomarrow when i pick it up :slight_smile:

I'll be banging on Zellers' door at the Burlington Mall at 9 o'clock this morning. I buy it the first day it comes out every year. I can't wait. Madden 07 is LOADED for the next gen consoles this year. Whether it be new stats, an upgraded HOF/Superstar Mode, or better graphics. Madden 07 for the 360/PS3 out classes Madden 07 for the XBOX/PS2. Which sucks for me, as I have a PS2.

I find the PS2 version of 07 slow, it is choppy between plays and turnovers.. etc.

Could be my system but doubt it.

I find it quite annoying.

im going to buy it today in about 5 min. can’t wait as Madden is def my fav console game. Anyone have x360 with x live? I’d be down for a game or two. Just got the 360 so i havent really mastered the controllers or even played the old madden on it but for ps2 i’ve mastered the game on all madden.

hey man i got 360 live, hit me up on my gamer tag of RUGBY99, ill give it a shot, im use to ncaa 07 so maby the controls r the same.

I agree, Tom. I still use 2K4 since I use coach mode exclusively. I am still waiting for a reply to my Madden 2004 thread at ... pic&t=9861
regarding my all-time Ticat team for 2004 and some issues I want clarified with Adam Provost re my posting links for it here.

Tom, have you tried Madcam? It's a small add-on program that allows you to run coach mode with the TV cam that you see in the exhibition mode or CPU vs. CPU contests. Very handy prgram that adds to the experience.

I will send you the coordinates for it if you want to try it, posting them here.

Oski Wee Wee,

and this relates to ticat news.i was just wondering how?? :lol:

u cannot creat your own team in 07 eh

Yes you can, I already have created an All-Rookie team.

Features > Create-A-Team

Really? Can you then put your created team in franchise mode in 07? And if so, does the salary cap remain mandatory?

These were issues in the 05 and 06 versions from everything I've read.

I ask that because my Ticat team for Madden 2K4 has a salary structure that makes Chelsea in the Premier League look like Sir Allan MacNab's junior soccer team. :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Definite capbusting there.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yes you've always been allowed to put a CAT into Franchise mode. Oh and to "bypass" that Salary Cap bump (like I had to do in 06 with my Ticats) leave the most expensive players OFF the team, though have them created, then replace those expensive guys positions with crappy players. Go into franchise mode with this team (and the most expensive players in FA). Release the crappy players, then sign the rest of your players to 7-year contracts, and up the signing bonus so you can gain even more CAP room. Then sign your other CAPS. The reason the CAP is normally so high for CAP, Created Teams is because all the players are given 1-year contracts, the most expensive ones as the signing bonus is so little. Hope this helps.