Madden 2007 - Hamilton Tiger-Cats-

First off, I've decided I took a long enough break from the site

Secondly, I apologize to all the posters I offended in the week or so leading up to me leaving.

Anyways, down to business. I'm currently creating a Tiger-Cats team on Madden 2007 but I'm stuck, and I need some input. Our team's roster (active, injured, practice) has a total of 60 players. In Madden you can have a maximum of 55 players. I got rid of the practice roster players. So now I'm down to 56 players, any suggestions for who to leave out? (I will be posting player ratings when I'm done)

I left out Maas and Created myself...but that doesn't help you out much :stuck_out_tongue: but I would leave someone like Aidoo out, even tho I like the guy...there is no need for two fullbacks in the game.

or maybe Ranek since he wont be back with lumsden here.

I'm thinking Pilon since he's O/D-Line and not really needed on either. I will be updating these rosters so Ranek might be going later, but not right now.

ya, pilon would be a decent choice too.

Positon - Player - Overall

QB Maas, Jason 85
QB Williams, Richie 68
QB Eakin, Kevin 73
HB Davis, Anthony 73
HB Lumsden, Jesse 83
HB Holmes, Corey 89
HB Ranek, Josh 85
FB Radlein, Julian 91
FB Aidoo, Kojo 68
WR Vaughn, Terry 87
TE Morreale, Mike 79
TE Peterson, Kamau 65
WR Flick, D.J. 87
WR Ralph, Brock 74
WR Quinnie, Willie 69
WR Fowlkes, DaVon 69
WR Hill, Kahlil 83
LT Woodard, Jonta 87
LT Powell, Jamal 67
LG Hudson, George 85
LG Cheron, Pascal 78
C Hage, Marwan 81
C Donnelly, Ryan 76
RG Gourgues, Carl 72
RG Filice, Fabio 79
RT Smith, Wayne 91
RT Cook, Damion 64
RE Cotton, James 87
LE Collier, Anthony 80
RE Josue, Steve 74
DT Holsey, Bernard 73
DT Dunbrack, Roger 76
DT Wayne, Clinton 75
DT Peterson, DeVonte 79
LE Cheatwood, Tim 83
LLB Dixon, David 67
LLB Hitchcock, Rob 75
LLB Armour, Jojuan 79
MLB Robichaud, Matt 60
MLB Cox, Renard 77
RLB Mariuz, Ray 81
MLB Barrenechea, Agustin 86
RLB Parker, Arnold 64
CB Young, Sam 78
CB Kornegay, Tad 74
CB Gauthier, Phillip 69
CB Cody, Tay 88
CB Bradley, Jykine 78
CB Gordon, Lawrence 77
FS Shaw, Wayne 82
FS Justin, Airabin 67
SS Beveridge, Sandy 78
SS Gordon, Scott 79
K Boreham, Jamie 72
P Fleming, Pat 89

What do you all think?

Still listed on the roster. Randall was released (if you were thinking about him)

yea could have been...sorry bout that

No Problem, to be honest I thought he was released too, but due to the shortage of O-Linemen we had a week or two ago, he was probably brought back. (or at least demoted to practice roster)

If i were you Miller, Id make Quinnie, Aidoo, or Robichaud your casualty and Ill explain why.

Quinnie: i think hes gonna cut soon so id drop him.

Aidoo: Fullback isnt a two man position in Madden. Dont really need too unless you have some sort of stradegy

Robichaud: cant make a an LB a long snapper and he isnt much of an LB anyway

I used Pilon...I forgot about Robichaud. I will make stats for Pilon too then. I use a blocking FB AND a rushing RB.

Anyways, I just got rid of Quinnie and added Pilon (as a Center)

I have the Offense done, I'm just not sure how to post it or get an image of it, or something...I have it on an excel file. Could anyone help?