Madden 2005 CFL LEAGUE!

Sorry everyone... Their is no interest....

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: Sorry bout that boys i had to put this in to delete my message

I'm very much down with he CFL Video game, or even a CFL Video game counsel. Not sure it should be "Madden".....

:D Count me in I would be interested for sure!!!!

Also if anyone is interested in just even playing exabition games(As CFL teams!!) let me know and we can set it up :smiley:

yeah...where's EA Sports CFL Shultz 2005?

Sorry boys... Not enough interest.... Its too bad too my buddy spent like 4 months making it... O well....

Very interested. I don't even have a game system, but this would make me buy one.

Give it some time!!!!! I just saw your post today!!!!! I know a few other dudes that would be willing to play.

I got lots of interest after i stopped this so ya for more information go to the MCFL05 Post... I would delete this old post but i dont no how lol...



A bumparino for nostalgia :slight_smile: [/i]

I'd still like to see a madden game include CFL teams and a CFL rules setup. I'd buy it just for that, I'm positive that I would be in the minority but I still think it would be a nice bonus.