Madden 09 released today - Wish there was a CFL Game :(

I know this has been discussed on here before but wouldn't it be great to have CFL teams and Rules in a video game with the quality of the latest Madden games.

I know it will never happen but a guy can dream. It would be nice to see the larger field and the quicker players and the different stadiums with the excellent graphics! :frowning:

Having all-time great CFL teams too...all the old players.... sigh

I have madden o6 and use the falcons closest color 2 my lions! and when i get 2 far ahead the game speeds up at certain points and well......... allows 4 the opposing team to catch up!i think it's a lil biased! I hear your pain! imagine playing a modern game but selecting a QB in a non time warp setting! basically choosing your team from scratch from hundreds of classic players! and say face the last years champs!hmmm... I think I need to make sum calls!

Blacklion 69, you should take a look at Maximum Football. It is made by a Canadian from BC named David Winter, and it is totally customizable. You can select from Canadian or American rules, field sizes, and even uniforms. Some of the users have designed graphic sets of all the CFL, NFL, NCAA, and CIS as teams. Some have even designed replica stadiums for the game.if you want to CFL game this is the one for you I have played it for over a year and I thoroughly enjoy it. It does not have the graphics of Madden, but the graphics are not bad by any means.

The new Madden rules!!!!!