Madden 08 (PC) CFL mod

Alright so let me explain the plan for this mod as in depth and as in detail as I can because after all the CFL is trying to be as fan friendly as they can and so are we with this mod. This is very complicated but if you bare with me, please, it's not really that hard. Oh and did I mention that all of this is free?

If you want to use any of the programs listed below, stupid Microsoft requires you to download Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

The first utility you will need to download is a simple program called Texmod. Now before I continue, some antivirus programs (AVG, McAfee) report this lightweight program to be a virus. This is so because Texmod plays around with memory on your computer but it's not a virus or a trojan at all and you have my word. You would use this program to load .tpf file which is a package of textures that temporarily replaces some of the in game textures. When we release some of these, we will release them as stadium packs and jersey packs. In these .tpf's, the textures that will be replaced are modifications to the stadiums (ex.the sideline walls, the track on the side of Commonwealth Stadium, the padding on the goalposts). In the jersey packs, we will fix everything with the jerseys that we couldn't do using any of the other programs mentioned below. You can load as many jersey packs as you want simultaneously but only ONE stadium pack at a time.

The next utility you will need to download is called MadMod09. What this utility does is make changes to the game so that you won't need to load Texmod everytime. There are some limitations to what we can edit without Texmod, but consider this as a foundation for a house. What we edit here are stuff such as the kickoff sponsor, the menu buttons, we can get rid of the Madden NFL 08 logo, etc. I'm almost done.

The last and final utility that you will need is MadUniform. This is to insert each of the uniform packages for every team. Again there are some things that we couldn't edit simply through MadUniform and you'll have to load the jersey .tpf's through Texmod.

Since you only need to load MadMod and MadUniform once instead of everytime you play Madden like Texmod, the stuff will still look decent even if you don't want to load Texmod. However, if you want the stadiums to look right, I suggest loading the stadium .tpf's in Texmod. When the mod is ready, and we're about 65% done right now, but once we're ready we'll explain how to use these programs or at least point you to the correct readme files. If you want to download these programs ahead of time and try some of the NFL mods out there on (where we'll be uploading this stuff to), that would be up to you. The utility that you will need to remove all this is located right here.

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if you're still in need of help with the rosters just pm me here