Madden 08 (PC) CFL mod

Hello good people of the CFL boards...

Me and some people over at have been working very hard on a CFL mod for madden 08 on the PC and we are nearing completion for the start of the CFL season this year. We have made Jerseys, Basic stadiums and surroundings, rosters, CFL ref's, menus, TSN score clock the whole works.(or as much as we can) it is as close to a CFL game as we can get right now and we are just spreading the word about it

here is the actual thread for the Project ... 688&st=100 there are some files in there look on about the 10th page forward for some of the files. you will also need a program called text mod which can be gotten here ...

o ya here is a little taste of commonwealth stadium in Edmonton

sorry for the double post here but i just quickly snapped another shot

Rogers Center

Riders VS argos... KJ gets sacked!

And the melonheads go crazy

And just a fantasy jersey we decided to whip up

also note some of the little things like the score board back there and the ad's on the jersey's all part of the CFL experiance

Great work, Could you develope a CFL rules game?

Right now we are looking in to the code of the game to see if we can do the little things like make a team punt on third down

but as of right now no it is a Canadian Game with NFL rules :frowning: but it is still great none the less :rockin:

looks awesome! Be sure to post whenever you have your complete version, it would be worth finding an old copy of Madden '08 just to get those hacks! Again can't wait for a release, I remember modding EA's old NHL games before they incorporated all of the brands (having bauer helmets, sticks, etc)..

lol thanks and will do that for sure

and you can still mod NHL games… better now the ever on a side note

oh by the way, will you guys be keeping the '08 rosters or trying to get '09 rosters have in place?

we will be doing the 09/10 rosters

we should have them some time after camp once things are set

another quick snap here

the CN tower in the background just beyond the rogers center

well you've got me excited to try it all out, plus i'm sure there are a few lurkers with some interest as well... good luck the rest of the way!

Why isn't the cfl marketing department all over this ?

Release day is set for Canada Day and a little teaser video to go with this announcement!

I could swear this was already done for madden 09, and there is a thread about it around here too. But I don't think that version has all the scoreboard and jersey sponsors. This one looks amazing, but why 08? Why not 09? Is it possible to mod madden on the 360 or ps3? Either way it looks fantastic and I'll finally have a reason to play a PC game that isn't Warcraft! Good job!

this version is for PC, and the other '09 Madden thread is for PS3 only.. PC is much easier to edit textures to have the all of the graphical similarities, I believe the PS3 included only rosters, and similar jerseys but not identical as the PC hack has

You HAVE to put "Skydome" in there
Rogers Centre is just too horrible

any news? Anxious for this to come out, just the same as I am for the season!

the end zone needs to be bigger and there's no way that many fans have been to an argo game!

great job though!!

That's the one thing I miss about PC gaming. I bought a PS2 on sale last year that came with Madden 08, and do miss being able to download the CFL mods.
Looks great though