Madden 08 (Need Ticat Fans Help)

I am here to create the Hamilton Ticats and need your guys help... I am going to be a game by game story on how well the team is progress in the season but what i need help is... Min of 45 players is needed and with the practice roster and injured players i donno which ones to take. Here is the break down for the positions.

QB (2)
HB (3)
FB (1)
WR (4)
TE (2)
T (4)
G (4)
C (2)
DE (4)
DT (3)
OLB (4)
MLB (2)
CB (4)
FS (2)
SS (2)

Once i get the list of players from ya I will be posting the ratings and see if there is any changes that need to be made for them to make it realistic ratings for the Hamilton Tigercats. I thank everyone who helps and say that your help is greatly appreciated

Here is what i have so far:

No ratings for Printers so that stuff will have to be made...


Timmy Chang
6`2 207lbs
72 overall
Spd: 63
Str: 49
Awr: 68
Agi: 61
acc: 61
cth: -
car: -
jum: -
btk: 47
tkl: -
thp: 86
tha: 78

Ritchie Williams
6`3 190
71 overall
Spd: 61
Str: 42
Awr: 69
Agi: 59
acc: 59
cth: -
car: -
jum: -
btk: 44
tkl: -
thp: 85
tha: 78

The only thing i just need help with right now is basically making attributes for printers

Madden08 is fun, but the player progression is seriously flawed.

If you make Chang and say his OVR is 75 (hypothetically), do not ever expect him to improve. RBs improve marginally and Olinemen are somewhat sketchy.

On defense, LBs almost never get any better, same with Dlinemen. Corners get better, but if their CATCHING isn't at least 70, they will never go hight than 88 OVR. Safeties can go either way. You might get a guy who goes way up, or never gets better, despite how oftern he starts.

As I said, it's a fun game to play football, but don't bother with the indepth stuff, it just doens't pan out. As well, the game has a serious flaw involving kickers. Sometimes the game runs out of player and gets stuck. Kinda weak what with how long the game has been around.

Also, the team design lacks anything even approaching a Tiger logo. My Madden '08 "Tiger-Cats" have black and gold jerseys, but I had to settle for a hawk logo cause I could work the colour scheme better.

If you have any success with logos, please let me know. Madden '04 was dynamite for creating the Cats.

I forget which logo it is but there is a perfect tigercats logo there… I am interested to see what ppl have for printers ratings for my team…

If they have college teams, try Princeton. They, too, use the leaping tiger.

This is my Madden blog. You're welcome to check it out. I play a lot of Madden 2004 (PC) and Madden 2007 (PS2).

I will try to find you a link to all the Madden 08 player ratings as well.

Oski Wee Wee,

[url=] ... en/players[/url]

There you go. All players listed by overall rating for the Madden 08 version of the game.

Casey Printers is not listed (probably due to his inability to crack the active roster at KC).

One tip: find a player who you like, edit their n2K4 ame and characteristics, and voila, you'll have a Ticat team with a little work. My Madden 2K4 team was a lot more involved because I created many of those players from scratch.

Again, with the ability to turn the salary cap off in the 2K4 game, I was able to soup up the ratings to have my Cats team play versus the all-time all-star teams of various franchises either in exhibition games or franchise cycles.

With Madden 05 and later, unless you use an external editor for the PC like Madden Amp, you won't be able to squeeze a superteam under the cap for a franchise cycle, so the route I described above will get you a team that could fit under the cap with some tweaking without the need of an editor.

Feel free to give me a head's up on your progress. I will be upgrading my PC for Xmas, so I'll be getting 08 around that time.

Oski Wee Wee,

An example:

There is plenty of artwork re the current logo. I'm old school (late 1970s - early 80s was my favourite Cats look), so that is what I edited the team to appear as in the game.

My Madden 07 Hall of Fame Edition for the PS2 is pretty slick for creating a Hamilton team (I fantasy draft it), but the best available logo is the stock tiger's head one that's been kicking around fo some time on the PS2 versions. The Princeton logo is a good substitute in a pinch for PC version gamers. You can always use Paint, Irfan View, or The GIMP to edit the RGB colours to your taste.

Oski Wee Wee,

oski-oui-oui thats where i got the ratings from... Everyone that is listed on there that he gives ratings for that is a Tigercat i will be create and the ones that are there and no longer a ticats of course i won't be creating... The only players i really need at the moment for ratings is Casey Printers everyone else i got prett much covered..

hmm madden 08 for 360 doesnt have any tiger logos its crappy. but the uni's u can make look nice!! i got the yellow jersey black white all uni's n it looks identical! same with ivor wynne kinda! its kewl.

Printers is in the game, he's the backup on my team.

Spd: 74
Str: 62
Awr: 52
Agi: 74
acc: 74
cth: 25
car: 68
jum: 74
btk: block shedding? 20
tkl: 25
thp: 88
tha: 78

garybrownfan do u know what nfl team he is on in 08?

For those who wanted to know the logo i used is Tiger #4


Here is what i have per position by overall:

QB: Timmy Chang (72) Richie Williams (71); Casey Printers (70)
RB: Jesse Lumsden (84); Anthony Davis (79); Terry Caulley (Don't have ratings for him)
FB: Julian Radlein (92); Jeff Piercy ( 78 )
WR: Jason Armstead (83); Jason French ( 78 )Brock Ralph (75); Chris Bauman (72); Talman Gardner (69); Nate Curry (65)
TE: None
RT: Jerome Davis (91); Ryan Donnelly (79)
LG: George Hudson ( 88 )
C: Marwan Hage (86); Cedric Gagne-Marcoux (72)
LT: Jonta Woodward (83)
RG: Pascal Cheron (80)
OL: Eric Ince (65)
DT: Roger Dunbrack (87); Clinton Wayne (85); J-P Bekasiak (74); Jermaine Reid (70)
SS: Tay Cody (87); Sandy Beveridge (74); Phillip Gauthier (65)
LB: Jojuan Armour (87); Agustin Barrenechea (82); Ray Mariuz (77); Zeke Moreno (75); Jamacia Jackson (72); Sasha Glavic (66); Matt Robichaud (60)
CB: Richard Karikari (83); Lawrence Gordon (80); Jykine Bradley ( 78 )
RE: Nautyn McKayLoescher (83)
K/P: Nick Setta (84)

I would increase Printers overall rating way up from 70 as that is his NFL rating. He should be rated in the high 80's