Madden 08 is here!

I bought Madden 08 for the PS2, and i have to say it's not bad. The tackling looks so mush better than in 07. Not to mention the gameplay is much better as well. :thup:


I just purchased Madden 08 for Playstation 3 and I am blown away.

I agree I love the tackles.

I am also loving the new defensive playmaker controls and i'm totally satisfied that this version has fantasy draft because the 360 version for 07 did not.


Amen to that brotha!

....a Madden game that doens't have Mike Vanderjagt included just isn't the same...who is going to taunt Terrell Owens into snapping now? Madden '07 you could get Parcells to nearly suffer a heart attack by making Vanderjagt miss FGs every time...priceless...

I am going to Walmart Right FN now.

... I think EA should do a game based solely on Mike Vanderjagt....sort of a cross between Madden 08 and Grand Theft Auto...

Actually red, Vanderjagt is on madden 08. He's just a free agent.So is Mike McMahon.

For the PS2 version, can you still make teams and replace them in franchise mode? The reason I ask is because I make all Canadian teams in Madden 07 (the actual 8(9?) CFL teams, plus 23 custom ones.) and I hope I can continue doing this in 08.

To my current knowledge yes. I know you can still create teams i'll have to double check if you can import them into franchise, but i'am sure you can.

Yes, i just double checked and yes you can.