madden 07

just was think what do you guys think madden 07 will be like
if they improved anything made any new modes.
and if anyone is also part of the madden 07 next gen forum

The only thing i know about Madden is that i buy it the day it comes out every year, dishing out $70 for it. I gotta get it tho lol

dude it shouldnt end up costin u 70$ unless u pre order or over the internet if u didnt i think u got riped i just go 2 future shope 39$ it costed me the 11st day it came out

Madden.... pffff..... :lol:

NFL ....PFFFFF :lol:

yes nfl pff yes madden pff for the love god i want ea to make a cfl game

What you can do if you have oddles of time, is to go to, print off the exact rosters of the team, spend a day or two and make the entire CFL on madden, and just export two divisions from the NFL. You just can't cheat and make everyone a rating of 100 just because the Szarka train is your favorite. I made the riders on them and most of the guys started out as maybe high 70's low 70's, and when you play with them they get better, even charles thomas is in madden 2006, but he starts as say a 54 or something? the only Reason Ea sports won't make a cfl game is because the rosters change so much over the course of the year, that it's impossible to keep up, and even tho say Xbox live with updated rosters, it wouldn't work because r they going to make and create everyone on everyones practice and negotiations list as well? nope

They could still make one.. All they care about, honestly, is if it sells... All EA wants is money. If people would buy it, and if they would make a lot of money, then they would I think

They could make one, but then they would have to hire someone who actually knows something about football to follow every teams transactions and update the rosters, too much money involved in the upkeep of the game to make it worthwhile, but yeah i agree it would be good

I don't think that's the main reason they aren't making a CFL game, the major reason is that the market for the game isn't big enough.

or just the the fact that there is not enough teams in the cfl a whole six team league vs 30 sumthin that nfl has i think the cfl should expand then probably this will happen but if i was the comishiner i wouldnt expand just fer a video game

I dont think the CFL should expnd.... Why should they Slasxl?

This thread sucks. Take it to a gamers forum. I swear the level of posting in here is about the same as those people who call in after games on 620 am.

That’s will not happen since they now have a monopoly with the NFL on games, but Sega is looking to continue it's 2K series, CFL2K7 anyone?

Obviously, the main reason that EA doesn't make any CFL games is because there isn't a big enough market, however i would love to see them make one and i would buy it right away. What really gets me angry is the fact that EA won't make CFL games, but will make NCAA football games, whats so special about college or University football! The CFL is alot better than College or University football

bigger market I guess mate, but I doubt that EA will make one now, but Sega might!

CFL has a bigger market than the AFL or NCAA I think. I know a lot of people who would buy the game.

Actually the CFL is more like a video game. no real salary cap. you can trade a six-pack of gatorade and some Frito-Lays for a couple all-star players in order to stack a team for a grey cup run.

what a farce the Edmonton Hamilton trade was last year. We should have been able to rent Kerry Joseph and Armstead for the playoffs last year so we could trade Corey Holmes and a few players in the offseason.

Gee, I wonder why serious Football fans have trouble taking the CFL seriously. Most garage fantasy leagues have more rules and better enforcement

You answered your own Question... There is a much larger market for NCAA then for the CFL.

Obviously there is a bigger market in NCAA. texas alone has a bigger market for football than all of Canada. Do you know how big football is down in the states. Compare it Hockey here in canada, except there are more leagues. in Rural texas, they shut down small towns and cities on friday nights so everyone can go watch games, if your having trouble understanding this, go rent Friday Night Lights