Madden 07 Info Needed

I’m looking to possibly get a new system and re-create my CFL rosters on Madden again (I’m on XBox).

3rd already got the crappy surprise when he got the XBox 360 and realized he CAN’T modify players! Which means you can’t make CFL players or teams.

I was wondering if any of you played on the WII or PS3 and if you can modify players or not.

You can always CREATE each player but I know the XBox version couldn’t work if you created 400 FA from scratch :smiley:

Any info would be appreciated. For now I’m still on XBox with Madden 05 with my new rosters coming up but my XBox is about to die and the WII control seems like a fun game to play Madden with.


Ohh and are the WII controls good or bad?